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Post a feedback on our completed deal(s). Appreciate for your time and Thank you! Hope you dont mind stating the figure as well. (i.e: <$100, >$100 etc)

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[WTB] Supreme: Tee/Hood/Crew (XL), Campcaps & Accessories / Ralph Lauren Polo/Shirt (XL)

Hey HB, Im located in Malaysia. SELLERS that SHIPS INTERNATIONAL (USPS Priority) is welcome to offer what they have. Im looking for: - Supreme T-Shirt/Hoodie/Crew Sz XL - Supreme Camp Caps. - Supreme Accessories. (All item preferably DS. NDS is fine) RALPH LAUREN - Sz XL - Polo - Shirt (S/S or L/S dont care) - Flannel Payment will be via Paypal (you send an invoice, i'll pay it up) I am Paypal, Ebay, ISS Verified with feedbacks. Done few dealings in HB before. (my Feedback thread: Do PM me what you have for sale. Thanks!

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