DANCEism (party photos!)

So my friends threw a party down in LA called DANCEism. Lots of DJ's and ROBOT LOVE (Our friends) played so we were there. We got a pretty big group to head down there, it was lots of fun even though I was feeling under the weather and couldn't drink. [Image]

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Japan 2007 Music Video

[b]First off screw youtube, it makes everything look terrible[/b] I go to Japan as often as I can and wanted to make a higher quality music video for one of my trips so I brought my Canon XH-A1 HD camera. Unfortunately it is severly compressed here and doesn't look nearly as good as it should. I also didn't have a tripod with a head that would allow panning so a lot of things are very jerky. [URL]

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NYC Photo Journal!

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Tokyo 2007 Photo Journal

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