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DANCEism (party photos!)

So my friends threw a party down in LA called DANCEism. Lots of DJ's and ROBOT LOVE (Our friends) played so we were there. We got a pretty big group to head down there, it was lots of fun even though I was feeling under the weather and couldn't drink. [Image]

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Japan 2007 Music Video

[b]First off screw youtube, it makes everything look terrible[/b] I go to Japan as often as I can and wanted to make a higher quality music video for one of my trips so I brought my Canon XH-A1 HD camera. Unfortunately it is severly compressed here and doesn't look nearly as good as it should. I also didn't have a tripod with a head that would allow panning so a lot of things are very jerky. [URL]

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NYC Photo Journal!

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Tokyo 2007 Photo Journal

I am new here so let me give you a little intro, I travel to Japan quite often, it is my favorite place to visit. This is from my trip in September 2007, you can also see my trip from July 2007 here: [URL] **I put these all on my laptop and made any adjustments on there, so they may look weird depending on you monitor but whatever** I took soooooooooooooooooo many pictures this time cause I wasn't with anyone else and could just take pics without worrying about the other people. Some favorites: [Image] This store is just down the street from Bape and all that shit, wasn't that cool of a store but those porcelain guns were the fucking shit! And that hitler head is just gnarly.... Just look at the pics in those galleries and tell me what you guys think.

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