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POST YOUR FITS (when wearing pure white af1 mid)

i'm thinking about getting uptown af1 mid, but can't really decide yet. can some of you post some fits? cheers!

2 Weeks ago in Brands

so, wich stars wears nike vandals?

i'm just curious.

2 Weeks ago in Nike

USPS help

hey, so i've won a 7 pairs of nike vandals on ebay, paid with my friend paypal account and seller sent shoes on 22.08.2007 but i didn't receive anything to today (12.09.2007). i'm from poland, europe. i asked seller to send me a confirmation paper photo (it's called 'dispatch note', right?) - and i received it. and here is my problem: 1. the shipping number after checking on usps.com says delivered to canada (well, that was few days ago, now it says that details are in archive files) 2. there is no stamp in 'mailing office date stamp' section. 3. in section 10 nothing is selected (ie airmail/priority - surface/nonpriority) should i be worried? the seller seems ok, have 300+ positive feedback and he already left me a positive one.

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Af1 mid '07 white on white - inside tag

could someone share photo of the inside tag from this model? ofcourse i'm talking about legit one, cause i'm not too sure about one seller.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

air jordan xxi pe photo

can anyone what's the URL to the store with this photo? one guy is trying to pass me these, and he says he took this photo. i know he is lying. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Jordan

Where does this photo come from?

[Image] seller says it's his own, but i'm more than sure that it's stolen - but from wich website?

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