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Slim/Skinny Dress Pants

So, I need a nice pair of slim/skinny fitting dress-type pants. Not completely dressy, but similar to I suppose dickies? Need them for work, and damnit Dickies do not work for me. I hate how the sizing runs on these. Any opinions? I can't find any Uniqlo on ebay, and I heard that this would have been my best bet. forgot to mention I need them in a black color. Thanks

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Question regarding American Apparel Tees

So Ive heard some mixed things regarding the AA plain tees. Ive heard to either stay with natural size, or size up as they shrink big time. Anyone have first hand experience with this? I am planning to buy a 3 pack but need to know about the sizing. Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

[FS] Jordan 1 Old Loves Sz. 10

Sup. Up for sale are VNDS Jordan 1 Old loves, size 10. Stars are 95% in tact and no heel drag in tact. CDP box is missing, but will come with replacement Jordan box. Asking for 115 now! Paypal only please, and add 4% for paypal fees. now on ebay but would pull them if you offer me 115 or around that. Greatly prefer meetups in the Socal area, but would be willing to ship (add 10 dollars) via USPS. AIM me at m54ia or PM me. Looking for Jordan Vs Metallic Silver or Fire Red in size 10.5 for trades - also Carmine 6s size 10.5 - I understand these shoes do not equate in value, so I would be willing to add cash. Thanks for checking the post out. [Image]

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