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Forest gump is a great movie

Much like Shawshank, very good but extremely overrated.

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What podcast do you subscribe to?

Kevin Smith's Smodcast and Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast. Nothing else.

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Movie Trailers, News & Rumors Thread

I don't care about the reboot since 3 sucked but if I have to sit through another hour of origin story I'm going to fucking scream. It's too soon for that.

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EPL discussion thread

[Quote] ^This. Torres isn't as surprising, since he's bound to move on eventually if they don't win anything but selling Gerrard would sell the soul out of the club at the moment. Unless there are some new Gerrard's waiting in the wings, they'd be finished for a few years as a top 4 side.

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Anyone here MMA fan?

At this point, BJ would destroy everyone in the division. The fight with GSP in Hawaii is going to be fucking unreal.

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Top 10 of the Decade

Some good shit here but no Memento? fuck that nigs.

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A-Team (2010)

I'll see it just for my childhood memories and Rampage but fuck... I hope they don't assrape those memories like fucking Michael Bay did with that Transformers dogshit.

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They had me at the little girl saying "cunts."

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Never been so pumped for a movie I know virtually nothing about.

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Artie Lang stabs himself 9 times.

That fat cunt is fucked up. Funny but fucked up.

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Jack Purcells or Sperry Striper?

Purcells for sure.

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See thru sneakers...

Always thought those shits must be really uncomfy and really difficult to pull off.

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How Many Pairs Of Shoes you own?

40ish pairs, 2 or 3 still DS, 4 or 5 are beaters.

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Favorite guitarists?

Duane Allman Hendrix Jimmy Page David Gilmour Jonny Greenwood Mike McCready Slash

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The Official A.P.C Denim Thread

Speaking of APC's - I've been half-assing a pair of NS for over a year now and the knee bulge is fucking ridiculous. I know it's been asked a bunch of times but is there anything you can do to fix this shit? I'm just about ready to give up on them. They look fine when I'm not wearing shoes but even with something really low profile like Cons I look like I'm wearing knee pads underneath. Awful.

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