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EPL discussion thread

Extremely Good performance by fletcher..!! Owen did a wining goal in the last moment. It's the superb goal by him in last match. Again Rooney did one goal. Tevez tried his best but he had little bit bad luck..

2 Weeks ago in Sports

College football anyone?

hey guys, Manchester United won the match Vs Manchester City yesterday. Fletcher did 2 goals and Rooney did 1 goal. In the last moment, Owen did wining goal for Manchester United. Have any one know? What about the match of Chelsea yesterday?

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Official How to Make Your Computer Fast, Efficient, and Clean Thread

I want to speed up my computer for games only. What should I do to improve the performance of it? I don't want to buy new processor or motherboard. I just want to improve my laptop performance. Any idea??)

2 Weeks ago in Gaming