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Goose vs Parajumper.. Some dude in Toronto

Not sure what to say... lol. Found it pretty funny though [URL]

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[Official] Picture/Video/Gif thread


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Canada Goose vs. Parajumper DIRTY HYPEBEAST Video

This video has been going viral throughout Toronto. It's some asian dude who has a crapload hype stuff. [URL] Check it.

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Nike SB-Space Jam Dunk

One to Rock. One to stock.

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[Visvim] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Not too sure about that. But i'd like to mention the Visivm Sublig tee is one of the nicest tees I've seen design-wise

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R.I.P. Goodfoot.

Man their varsity jackets were so on point. Wish I could get my hands on one of them in size small.

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H&M Denim

Honestly most of their denim is made to look expensive but the quality is pretty cheap. But whatever, they still do the job on the lazy days.

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Audi or Mercedes or BMW?

Meh, I think BMW's are the most classy looking, benz the most sporty looking, and the audi about in between. They're all luxury vehicles in the end though, so their all pretty impressive.

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Official Fixed Gear Thread

Fixed Gear trend is huge in Toronto. We have huge ass fixed-gear meetups every week hahah. Great living downtown!

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Wii U Official Discussion Thread

I guess most systems are bound to follow that 5-year cycle. Wonder how much more they can innovate with it though

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Addictive Anime

If you liked Death Note you'll also probably like Liar Game. It's pretty psychological, a lot of puzzles and mind games.

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Nike SB De La Lows

I prefer the highs a lot more. Just a lot more overall design put into the shoe, plus it's a lot more hype!

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i have banksy's book blushing

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Official Discussion Thread

sooo hyped for this game. i remember going to my local mall and paying 25 cents a game in the arcade!

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