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How to make the perfect steak?

How do you fellas cook your steak? I'd especially like to hear any unique homemade tweaked recipes you guys have.

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The Unofficial Cheap-but-bombass-food thread

Alright so, if you're living on your own with a super tight budget, and you're about to go to Costco for some grocery shopping, what would you guys get to maximize your moneys worth? I'm talkin about QUANTITY>quality. For example, buying a big bag of cheap flour tortillas with a bag of cheese is an easy $5 at the most, but you can eat it for weeks. Looking for you guys to share your wisdom, thanks. EDIT: I was thinking more along the lines of food you can buy in bulk and make stuff from scratch yourself. You guys puttin out some good ideas, but even $5 for a single meal is pretty fuckin expensive to me

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Washing New Era Fitteds

Sup, anyone have experience with washing your new era fitted's? So far I've heard of putting it in the dishwasher but I'm not too sure about that. I've thought about getting it dry cleaned too. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.

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