Upgrade: 7D/70D vs 6D

First lets just go ahead and get this out the way: No, i dont have the money to buy a 5D. so lets just leave that off the table all together. moving along, after countless fun filled days with my trusty t3i, the time to upgrade to something better has come. I'm currently looking at the 7/70D or the 6. Im stuck between the two b/c i only have enough to buy the 6D body only versus buying a package deal for a 7 or 70. While i'm very eager to jump to a full-frame body, i am well aware that this means i will need to buy new (and more expensive) lens. On the other hand, if i cop a 7 series i can still use my current lenses and get better ones while saving up for a full frame down the line.  At this moment, the only EF lens i own is a 50mm 1.8. A major majority of my shoots are fashion/studio based so im thinking that buying a 6D and using my 50mm on it while still having the t3i as a backup wouldnt be a bad idea either.  anywho, advice is appreciated from anyone who has upgraded recently or had a situation like mine

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[FS] HUF Hightimes Bucket Hat

I trying to get rid of my HUF hightimes bucket. only wore it once or twice since its to small for my head b/c of my hair. the size is a L/XL. seeking $55 obo.  [Image] *edit Having trouble uploading actual pics of hat (this is from the net), will txt/email/etc upon request

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Happy Birthday Kanye...

And now that i've got all the attention of the Kanye nut huggers...[SIZE="5"]ITZ MY 21st BIRTHDAY BITCHES!!!!!>smh[/SIZE] jus thought i'd share that...o yeah, itz kanye's also but he is not that important.

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i kno this thread will get closed HELLA fast but i just want A.B.Y.S.S. to know that were all sick of the 18 font bold post. u need ta stop homie. Let your words speak louder than...well, your words i guess. I think u get what im sayin... PLZ dont close the thread till A.B.Y.S.S. see's this lmao

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Anyone remember Roller Jam?

damn i miss this shit. kinda mad itz not around, i woulda done it lol. yeah itz prolly fake but damn was it fun ta watch. the dive at 2:02 was crazy [URL]

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The Roots Ft Wale Video

i kno someone already posted the link to the song but here is the vid for those who havent seen it [URL]

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Dipset....The Movie

im surprised that no one has started at thread about these vids yet.... shit is too funny. i kno hypism is gonna hate on um but o well [URL] (mods feel free ta move ta Music section if needed)

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College in Japan

Anyone here from the US going to school in japan? i just started filling out transfer apps and i did some for Temple U: Japan campus and Tokyo U. i was wondering what skool is like over there...

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Untold MGLR Denim?

anyone know when these come out? or where i can get them for that matter... [URL]

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