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Gun pulled out at park

What's going on everyone, this post is basically for awareness and for my own benefit and how to handle a situation like this better.. You should not go to a park at night, thats a given...but sometimes I like to go and clear my head. Basically a friend and I ended up going to the park just to talk and discuss life, as we were talking and walking through the park, we noticed 2 guys in black hoodies on opposite ends of the park We didn't take it as anything at first, but more we walked down the park the closer they started closing in on us and we knew some shit was going to go down At first I thought they we're attempting to mug us, so we were getting ready to possibly having to defend ourselves. All of the sudden they stop and one yelled where we were "from". That didn't scare me so much; but the fact that one of them pulled out a gun and cocked it out of nowhere frightened the fuck out of me. Honestly I thought that was going to be the end of my life, i've never been in a situation like this so I didn't really know how to react In the end dude pointed his gun at us and yelled out, "This is our hood, get the fuck out"; so we ran back to the car and dipped out Everything feels so surreal right now, I just can't believe some shit like this actually happened because to me these are only things i've only heard about. It sucks that we live in a fucked up world where problems are handled with guns and not words or fist. Basically I want to know if anyones been in such a situation and what you did to handle yourself? How should've I handled myself better rather than bugging out?

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Astral Projection

Anyone ever try this? tbh it sounds interesting

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[WTS] Diamond Supply "World's Greatest" Hoodie (Black) (M)

OG Design, unfortunately fits me a little snug for my likings. Has been worn a few times, but would rate overall condition an 8.5-9/10 H/O = 110 Shipped Will close thread this Friday (5/31), and declare winner. Tag is my ebay username, but pics available upon request! PM me, so I can shoot you my # for faster communication! [Image]

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[WTB] Supreme Stash Pouch, Misc. Accessories & Keychains

hmu blushing Specially if you got these! [Image] thx

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[Official] I Got A Fucking Problem Thread

I'll always be browsing off topic and notice someone whose depressed, or someone that has too much on their mind.. Real shit, we all go through things and sometimes we need some advice I'll always see some good ass advice on the forums, but it's scattered from thread to thread! Why not make a thread for the HB niggs who might be going through some things, by dropping wisdom from those whom had lived it and might have a solution to their problems tl;dr 1) You got ANY problem 2) Post that shit 3) Maybe someone can help 4) ????? 5) Profit smokeyface

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Tired of striking out with NDC shoe releases!

Tried copping the DB 9's, clicked on the twitter link with a swiftness...and still struck out! What the heck am I doing wrong smh Can someone please share with me any tips on bettering my chances?

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[WTT] Diamond Supply Hardware Heavyweights Hoodie - Small

Will put some tagged pictures up soon! I have this hoodie in black that I am trying to trade for a size medium! Size medium of this very hoodie, or size medium of anything else, hmu blushing

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Quit Job Vol. Fast Food Sucks

Whats up fam blushing Basically long story short, I quit my McD's job..couldn't stand it no more customers, cleaning nasty ass bathrooms, taking out trashes, grease, smelling like fries, dumbass managers...screw all of that. I've been there for awhile, but basically it was my pride that got the best of me which led me to quitting! I do regret quitting because now I don't have a steady cash flow, but at the same time I don't regret quitting because now I can focus on my school flow, and use this time to just enjoy some of the little things out there. I don't want to sound like a simp dude, so my bad if I am, but basically I could use some advice, tips anything like job ideas to get my cash looking right again, but most importantly doing something that i'll actually enjoy doing this time around.

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[WTT] Purple 3 6 Mafia Tee (Med) For Black or Grey


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Tw3rrk t3aM

wUtcHu tW3rkiNN W!t !!

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[FS] MUST MUST MUST get rid of – State Bicycle Co. Code $15 = $100 Off

Selling a code for $100 off on any complete bicycle for statebicycle.com Code valid until 11/30/12 message me if interested blushing Trying to get rid of this asap Hmu with any offer if you'd like!

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WTB: Nike Sb Janoski laces - White Leather

Hmu if you got these blushing Thanks

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WTB: Supreme Water Gun

Who got that!

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How do you niggas make $$$

Serious Shit. Im broke af Yeahh

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[WTB] Penny Skateboard

New Or Used! Hmu blushing

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