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BnB bowl 2010 dope line up son1!

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The OFFICIAL BBM thread....

24b6fc5e nah mean playa shout out to ferrris

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Dat ass

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Happy birthday ian wangz

Ian ur a faggot you dont deserve your own thread u purple dick homo ladyboy

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WDYWT: 2010 (Chat Edition) (Flaming fit is fine. Flame person = Infraction)

[Quote] info or pants??

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What is the worst thing you did in high school?

i have to much bad shit... ALOT of fights-usually rest of the suspension graffiti marker tags on wall-got arrested and one week of suspension cursin teachers out so much stole MAD shit from workshop told a teacher she has a nice rack when she was showing us a test tube rack skateboarding in the halls photoshopped my principals head on paper and posted that shit everywhere weed mad stupid shit but alot of it one of my favorite was my italian teacher was a bitch but i drove her insane like throwing paper cursing just being a douche bag because she deserved it. so i called the head of the office saying she buggs oout on me because she did so he came up one day to examine the class and she was teaching us and i was just being a comeplete ass but not obvious to the head of the department because he thought i was nice but she knew i was being as dickhead so then she just burst out of know where and quits on the spots like 2 weeks for the last day of school. never came back mad dope

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