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New F*&King Jersey

pilz, where in the 732?

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they are OK, but not that great, last time i was there i asked about like 3 shoes and they didnt have my size in any of them definetly hit up Nort/Recon and DQM

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it shrinks, just slower and with less color loss My 501stf's are coming along nicely at 139 days worn all day every day.. they stink a bit but it goes away after i air them out. great honeycombs and good whiskers, biking helps a bunch. ill post pics at 6 months before and after my first wash

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Socks or No Socks

i always wear socks, low cut ones though... no socks is just gross unless your in slippers, flip flops, sandals or Nike Free's

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Sneakerhead Perspective

yea.. i agree with emily, im 15 and dont have much of a collection but i had a job last summer, and working one out for this summer-- probably landscaping or lifeguarding... with shoes, i just try to get the ones i really like, there is no need to buy 3 shoes a week especially with the cash being tight, and i wear all my shoes, forget reselling.. shoes are for wearing and i buy them because i like them , not to sell them later, so i might as well enjoy them

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New F*&King Jersey

middlesex 7 3 2 yo joizee.

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New pictures of the Fire Red IVs

i want em blushing

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Red Dunks, Black Swoosh... where?

i saw a guy with those in nyc the other day.. they remind me of ketchup

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Anyone know if there are ANY nikes with PURPLE & GOLD (or Yellow) that exist?

yea i was gonna mention those deltas.. DQM had them not too long ago if you live near NYC

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hyphy youth are our demise


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New York heads - store/stock check.

as far as i know, infareds are sold out, ive been looking.. its a little late for those, only place i saw that had them was flight club and it was a rip off at 100 or 150

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Playing with Fire Yo!

cool stuff

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My SB collections enjoy it ...

[Quote] who cares about the bracelets.. thats a niceee collection:shocked:

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Lunar, hawaii, send help, eire..

hard descision between lunars and hawaiis.. but prob lunars-- i love the idea behind them and ive seen peoples hawaiis get beat up quick

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1000 post game

1169 lol what is the goal now??

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