Something a little Different. I make Websites.

I see a lot of up-and-coming brands here with sites built on wix that end up looking shitty, and I've had enough experience working for other development companies to see that these people are REALLY taxing heavy on sites.  so, I'm offering sites to all fashion brands, musicians, etc at YOUR price. You can check out my site here: Contact me with your project idea and budget at (not com) [Image]

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How long do you want to live?

Real talk , I plan on leaving before 30. I'm not depressed or anything, but it seems like your quality of life is on a steep decline after that point.

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Can we bring back the HB beat cypher??

I'd like to get involved in that again, and I think there are a lot of producers here that need/want the exposure and don't really have the proper platform.

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Question for my fellow Black Hypebeasts

How long is it gonna take me to grow a fro?i just cut my dreads and got a fade but my headshape is weird as fuck. Im fulla regrets and my ears are cold

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Bad Decisions Vol #ImmediateRegret.....

What something you've done that you've regretted either during or immediately after..... I  just fucked myself up.

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Freelance Front-End Web Designer for Fashion Blogs and E-commerce Sites

If any of you start-up brands need any site-tweaking or websites built, I'm here. I have 3 years experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript building e-commerce sites, wordpress themes, and blogs. Hit me up to see my portfolio, and we can talk about your ideal site.

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Anyone looking for a site to be made?

I see a lot of great art in here, and would love to help anyone who needs help with building a website to promote and share their catalog. I'm a freelance web designer and college student looking to expand my portfolio, so for the time being I'll be doing free sites for whoever needs them. HMU

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When the fuck do you apply for student loans?

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Life Goals?

What are your life goals? Advance the species forward as a whole, fuck and have fun till its over etc. What is it you want out of life?

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Where do you work?

Do you work?

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Shoutout the HB fam for whoever helped get me featured on the Mishka Blog!!!!

[URL] [Image] thanks you guys for fuckin wit the sound.

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New Beat tape from Raider Klan Producer MR Sisco


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First Job...Need Help

I've been applying to jobs all day everyday for the past like 6 months and no luck. I dont know if its lack of prior job experience or what. Can anybody help me with this type of thing... I know yall got money, and im damn sure yall aint trappin

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Kanye Challenge vol Beat Makers

"Dude, lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers That's a Different World like Cree Summer's I deserve to do these numbers" Now, me personally, I'm a firm believer in Malcolm Gladwells 10,000 hours theory. Put enough time in and success comes out. So for the next 60 days i'll be taking on the challenge of doing 5 beats a day. Any beat makers are welcome to join in. I'll try and post the standout beats i get done here, and ALL the others to my soundcloud.

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How would your life be without the internet?

It seems like nobody can function nowadays without constantly looking at a phone, texting, surfing the web etc. How much different do you think your life would be without access to the internet?

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