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[FS] Zanerobe Sureshot Chino Tan Sz. 32 $85 Shipped Great Condition

Selling Zanerobe Sureshots in Tan. Perfect for sizes 32-34. 34 would be a skinnier fit. Great condition (rarely worn) only discoloring on bottom of cuff which won't be visible. Looking for $85 shipped. Retail is $99. Pictures: [URL] [Image]

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Interview with an Up and Coming Brand Owner Zack Fryer ICC Streetwear

From conversations in the cafeteria to an interview. This is Zack Fryer owner of ICC Streetwear giving some knowledge on what it's like to have an up and coming brand. Check it out. [Embed content]

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Birthday Haul All Over Prints

Check out what i got. [Embed content]

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Lost Friends Due To Success

What going on? I'm a junior in high school and last summer I reinvented myself. I set my priorities and now I'm doing well in school, I have a job and I'm making a good amount of money on the side and I changed my wardrobe entirely. Throughout this year several people that were my friends last year aren't cool with me anymore. It's not like I'm not a good person. I'm the kids that's kind and low key with my life. Also my confidence is up and I feel freaking great and I made many new friends even seniors. But what is wrong with my old friends?

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Shorts and Fashion

What type of short are you guys going to be rocking when the weather gets hot? I only have 2 pairs of cargo shorts and i dont want to wear them anymore. I'm searching for new styles and fit.

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Good Online Printers

Does anyone know any good online printers? Good as in a decent price, front & back printing, and allows uploading images. I've used vista print and i like their job. I just want to have some other choices.

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Why Do People Hate

Alright so this is a new school year for most of us. Over the summer I decided to switch my style up for junior year. By doing this I have also gained a boost in confidence. But some people don't like that. There's this guy in my class that's straight hating. So today I come to class ready for the test and this guy looks at my and says; You ain't no flee nigga. I'm like OK. Even though I dress better now than last year, I'm still the same person. I've always been the nice guy people just hating. Also he asked to borrow me hat for the day (what type of shit is that) or we're not homeis and I said so because I won't let you borrow my hat then were not homies? He said yeah and I said Alright were not. Broke him off right there. What's some tips on verbally destroying these kind of people?

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