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[FS] BNWOT BLACK SCALE Memorial Hoodie Grey in a Size Medium CHEAP!!!

Simple and straight forward. This is a FS listing for a Black Scale "Memorial" Hoodie in Grey size Medium. Unworn, never tried on--literally just opened it from the plastic it was covered in and folded up, that's it. Price is $40 shipped. That's $28(+ cost of shipping) below retail already, so the price is FIRM. [URL]

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LEGIT CHECK: AJ6 Brazil Pack

Not sure if HB heads even offer LC help, but I'm just that desperate. Scooped up my first pair of 6's for super cheap and really just wanted to make sure that I didn't get screwed. Please let me know what ya'll think! Thanks in advance everybody... [URL]

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Trying to get rid of all of these quickly. So if you're interested in anything, please PM me immediately, since I've also listed these items on other websites. -I ship everything via USPS Priority and I can offer to add insurance, but at the buyer's cost. -All these prices are open to offers. Obviously, lowballers will be ignored. -I only accept 2 methods of payment: PayPal or cash meet up (I'm in Northridge/Canoga Park, CA right now). BLACK SCALE "SINNERS" Zip-up Hoodie ($70) -BNWOT -Size Medium -Heather Gray [URL]

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For sale only. NO TRADES. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, concerns, whatever. BNWT/DS BLACK SCALE "Syndicate Forever" Pull-over Hoodie in a size Small. Heather Gray SOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD [URL]

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[WTB] SSUR x CLOT "Channel Zero" Valentine's Day Hoodie sz.MEDIUM

Simple request here. Looking for the SSUR x CLOT "Channel Zero" Valentine's Day Capsule HOODIE in a size MEDIUM. [Image] PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE THIS IN DEADSTOCK CONDITION. Thanks.

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SUPER SIMPLE CONDITIONS: -PayPal or cash meet up(Northridge,CA) ONLY. -I ship USPS Priority for FREE, but insurance is optional and will be at your cost. THIS ITEM IS DEADSTOCK/BRAND NEW WITH IT'S ORIGINAL TAGS. ABSOLUTELY NO ODD DEFECTS, STAINS, TEARS OR ANY OTHER ABNORMALITIES OF ANY KIND. NO, I HAVE NOT EVEN TRIED IT ON. THE AMPAL CREATIVE "REMINGTON" SNAPBACK. -17 Color Outdoor Pin-up Print. -Red satin interior. SSSSSOOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!! ***Sorry about some of the images. I always try to snap photos of everything I sell under natural sunlight, so that no one is misguided at all in how they appear. But it was hazy this morning. The sun kept slipping in and out of clouds.*** [Image] THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO PEEP THIS. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED!

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Hey guys, just looking for some honest answers or at least informative comments that can point me in the right direction. The project(if you even want to really call it that): I designed 2 images to go on a coaches jacket. 1 image for the back, the other for the front left chest on the front of the jacket. I want the image on the back to cover approximately half to 3/4 of the whole back of the jacket. The image on the front is only about 4-4.5 inches in diameter. It's all just a single color(white) and the image is basically just an outline of something I drew. The images have already been scanned and cleaned up for any little dots or unwanted marks on the multimedia paper I drew it on. This is my current situation: I'm not trying to start an apparel company or anything in those lines, I literally just wanted to make this, but I wanted to make them LAST as far as quality and look. I am just looking to have this done on 2 jackets(that I already have in my possession). 1 maroon, the other is deep forest. The image is just in white outline(as I mentioned). I've already walked into 4-5 shops that are local to me in Canoga Park, CA. As expected, some only wanted to do a minimum quantity of a high volume. The latest place I stepped into, did custom silk screen printing and could NOT guarantee me that the image would not crack if the nylon jackets were to be stretched in any way. I even asked how I could properly care for them and they couldn't give me a solid answer, nor would they grant me any guarantees about their craftsmanship. I literally got a, "well I can't stand by my word on how well the image will continue to look on your jackets, but put it this way: you can trust us, because we obviously do this for a living". I'm sorry, but that doesn't exactly exude any confidence imo. They also wanted to charge me $55 for each jacket. I am willing to pay that price if I am 100% certain that the quality of the job merits it. In their case, they seemed totally uninterested(which I can understand to a certain degree), but also didn't seem like they really cared about their craft. Anyhow, can anyone please shoot me some advice in how I should or could go about this dilemma? Trust me, I wouldn't be bugging anyone here if I hadn't already tried researching myself. I've walked into some local shops and googled my ass off. So far, I've had mixed information about how "heat pressing would be the best and rainproof way to go on nylon" and at the same time hear/read, "plastisol or screen printing is the best method for nylon". So needless to say, I just feel like I'm in a tailspin of mixed information and shops that just want to snag a little quick change from me. ANY HELP would be appreciated. Thanks in advance everybody. And feel free to ask me any questions in case I've left out any details.

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Sup everybody? Just a quick and simple question that I hope some of you can help me out with... I'm flying out to San Francisco tomorrow and will be there until Sunday morning. Among many other things, I wanted to do some shopping. Haven't been there in about 3 years, so I'm really not sure what shops are worth the time to step into. Anyone have any suggestions?

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[FS] SUPER CHEAP!!! Supreme, The Hundreds, Huf, Triumvir, Futura Lab, etc…

More sh*t just sitting in my closet collecting dust. Take them off of my damn hands!!! This is pretty simple and straight forward: -I only accept PayPal or cash meet ups (Canoga Park, CA 91304). -Please don't bother lowballing me, because I'm much dead set on these dirt cheap prices (ya dick). -I ship everything via USPS Priority (2-3 day shipping). -Shipping is $3 for 1 item. Buy more than 1 item and shipping is FREE. DS Freshjive "Buffalo Plaid" Jacket Red/Black, Size Medium - $24 [Image]

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***Deadstock DVS x Diamond Supply Co. "JDubbs" sz.9****

[COLOR="Red"]PLEASE READ THESE SHORT AND SIMPLE ASS TERMS: -Strictly For Sale. Absolutely No Trades. -Please don't bother PMing me if you can't send payment to close out the deal within a 48-hour time frame. -Kicks are shipped double-boxed via USPS Priority.[/COLOR] [B][COLOR="DarkOrchid"] PRICE IS FIRM. THAT'S AS LOW AS I COULD POSSIBLY GO.[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Brief Item Description:[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]DVS x DIAMOND SUPPLY CO. "JDUBBS" Black/Tiffany(D.Blue) size 9US[/COLOR][/B] [B][U][COLOR="Red"]ITEM HAS BEEN SOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!!!!![/COLOR][/U][/B] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]-100000% deadstock! Never even tried on! -Bagged, sealed and stored with silicon packets. So they're absolutely FLAWLESS. Not a single blemish, strange creasing due to negligent storage or yellowing on the soles. -Includes original DVS and Diamond Supply Co sticker pack. -Comes with Diamond Supply Co skate hardware (please refer to the photo).[/COLOR] [Image]

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5 PAIRS of DEADSTOCK Vans x Supreme/Vault/Taka Hayashi sz.9!!!

[B][COLOR="Red"]EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD!!! EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD!!! EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD!!! EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD!!! EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD!!! NO MORE PM'S PERTAINING TO THIS FS THREAD PLEASE...[/COLOR][/B] [B][U][COLOR="Red"]SIMPLE ASS TERMS:[/COLOR][/U][/B] [COLOR="DarkRed"]-PayPal fee's and shipping are already included in the price. -Please don't bother shootin me an offer that you can't close within a 48-hour time span. -I ship via USPS Priority, which guarantees 2-3 business day delivery; insurance is up to you. -Most importantly, please don't waste my time with crazy lowball shit. No, I'm not exactly dying to sell these, but I'm a compulsive shopper and I need to stop hoarding. lol[/COLOR] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"] As I mentioned on the listing title: ALL PAIRS ARE IN DEADSTOCK CONDITION and ALL come with OG everything. There are absolutely NO blemishes, storage damage, yellowing or any kind of oxidation--not even close. As you can see in the first photo, they were all kept sealed in Ziploc freezer tight bags and filled with silicon packets. Anyone who has dealt with me on NSB.org or ISS.com can attest to meticulous I am with caring for my sneaks. All of my feedback links are in my sig.[/COLOR] Sorry about the quality of the photos. It was cloudy all morning, so they don't really do them too much justice. But feel free to PM me if you're serious and would like me to take any additional shots. I take requests for specific angles too, so don't be shy to ask. [B][COLOR="Blue"] Vans x Supreme Halfcab "Halftones"[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="DarkOrchid"](2007)[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR="Red"]SOLD![/COLOR][/B] Vans Vault Chukka Del Barco LX in Demitasse/TurtleDove[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="DarkOrchid"](Fall 2009)[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR="Red"]SOLD![/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"] Vans Vault Chukka Del Barco LX in Black/TurtleDove[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="DarkOrchid"](Fall 2009)[/COLOR][/B] - [B][COLOR="Red"]SOLD![/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]HYPEBEAST ARTICLE on the following sneakers:[/COLOR][/B] [URL] [B][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"] DS Vans x Taka Hayashi x Active (DSNB) "Half Cab"(Premium Materials) from 2008 sz.9 - $130[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="Red"]SOLD![/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]DS Vans x Taka Hayashi x Active (DSNB) "J-Lay Mid"(Premium Materials) from 2008 sz.9[/COLOR][/B] - [B][COLOR="Red"]SSSSSSSSOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDDD!!!![/COLOR][/B]

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Diamond, Hundreds, Supreme, etc.+ Headwear(POST/RSWD, Fitteds, Supreme Camp, Beanies

[B][COLOR="Magenta"]***NEW DEADSTOCK/VVVNDS ITEMS AND HEADWEAR ADDED TOWARDS THE BOTTOM OF THE LISTING!!!***[/COLOR][/B] -NO TRADES. -Payment accepted is PayPal and cash meet ups. -Please don't bother contacting me if you can't pay within a 48-hour time frame. -Shipping is $4 via USPS Priority, but shipping is FREE if you buy more than 1 item. -[B]ALL MERCH LISTED ARE [U]BNWOT[/U] UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE[/B]. If you have any concerns pertaining to my legitimacy or integrity, please look me up on NSB.org and ISS.com under the same exact username you see here(igotssssoul). ***[B][U]ALL PRICES ARE FIRM, UNLESS YOU BUY MULTIPLE ITEMS[/U][/B]. I feel that the prices I've set are more than reasonable already.*** [B][COLOR="DarkOrchid"] Diamond Supply Co. x Mighty Healthy (army) sz.M[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR="Red"]SOLD![/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="Red"]ALL SUPREME TEE'S ARE SOLD!!!!![/COLOR][/B] [B][I]ALL of the Supreme shirts above(with the exception of the "Ronnie" tee) have this on the back of the collar:[/I][/B] [Image]

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***VANS x IN4MATION Denim Halfcabs!!!***

-NO TRADES! -Please don't bother sending me an offer that you cannot pay within a 48-hour time span. -I ship USPS Priority, which includes delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional, but additional cost will be covered by the buyer. -ITEM DESCRIPTION: -This is a VVVNDS pair of Vans x In4mation Denim Halfcabs in a size 9US. -Comes with OG box and the 2 OG extra laces(both have never been used and still in it's original packaging). -SIDE NOTES ON IT'S USAGE: -Worn about 3-4 times. -As you can tell by the photos, I have not attempted to clean them at all. Everyone uses a different method toward shoe-cleaning and ALL methods bare a minimal amount of compromise to a shoe's overall structure. Every used shoe I've sold has never been cleaned. I like to leave the decision of how to care for it, completely to the buyer. -PLEASE LOOK at the toebox area of both sneakers. If you examine closely, there is something that appears to be dirt close to the outside stitching. IT'S NOT DIRT. It's the adhesive that Vans used during the construction of this shoe. For those who are not familiar with this limited collab: it was designed with the sole intention of being skated with. The more their stretched, grinded, stubbed and basically beated on, the more it's "intended look" is suppose to come out. Of course, depending on how it's skated, particular areas of the denim are suppose to tear for the purpose of exposing a houndstooth layer underneath it. ***Sorry for the long read ya'll. lol. I just wanted to be clear on why I consider this pair to be in a "VVVNDS" condition. Education is necessary for those unaware of it's purpose. lol*** [B][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"] I'm looking for $115 shipped.[/COLOR][/B] [Image]

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Wuddup ya'll? First and foremost, if you have any concerns about any of my business practices, please look me up on NSB.org or ISS.com. I use this same exact username for all forum accounts(igotssssoul). I've done over 50 buying/selling agreements with the utmost integrity, so I'm sure the feedback you'll find will put any doubts or questions to rest. Just got a short and simple list of terms to abide by. Please read: -I have never and will never do trades. So please don't bother asking. -If you can't send a payment or meet up within a 48-hour time span, don't bother sending an offer. -I don't mess with checks or M.O. and trust me, it's safer for the both of us. -I ship USPS Priority(2-3 day delivery) which includes delivery confirmation. Insurance is an option, but the expense will be covered by the buyer. Anyhow, here's what you're getting: [COLOR="Cyan"][B] DIAMOND SUPPLY CO. "Un-Polo" Varsity Wool Jacket in BLACK/TIFFANY(aka Diamond Blue)[/B][/COLOR] It's a size [U]medium[/U] and in a [U]deadstock/unworn/unwashed[/U] condition. I'm looking for: [COLOR="Red"][B][U]SOLD!!![/U][/B][/COLOR] [Image]

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Feedback: igotssssoul

Say what you feel ya'll...

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