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Really wish

they would stop changing this damn forum. I go for spans of time and every time i come back its diff.  Is there even anyone left who was here for the old forum layout?

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

is there no mobile site any more??

my mobile fav link no longer works it says please visit hypebeast.com also the site on desktop isnt taking my password so i had to make a new one wtf m8 this sites going to shitttttttt

2 Weeks ago in Forum Support

Why old ig pics gettin likes

Are old ass pics on my ig getting all these likes and comments all of a sudden? Over the past 72 hours a 164 week old pic got 180+ likes and 30 comments and now other multiple year old pics are having same thing happen. Random people with 2k+ follows will just like old ass pics outta the blue lol Im confused af

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

I think for 2015

Im going to start posting fits again Bring back the good ol days Cool story right

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does anyone know what jacket these are based off?

does anyone know what jacket the Bape goretex are based off? i know bape generally uses actual military apparel as their inspiration for jackets so i was wondering what model of jacket they based the goretex off of? [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

hypebeast blogs

what happened to the blogs you used to be able to go to from the hypebeast home page? am i just missing them or did they get taken down

2 Weeks ago in Forum Support

Hypebeast mobile

So lately i beem browzin on my phone and the mobile forums are cool, but why does mobile not have the upvote/downvote feature?? Shits stupid as fuck Whoever set up the mobile site needs to fix that

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Pharrells jacket

His goofy ass hat aside (grammy 2014) anyone got info on that red jacket? Shit was fire I thought adidas at first due to sleeve stripes but now i question that as it has no logo Id post a pic but im on my phone

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

when did photobucket start sucking so bad

seriously its asssssssssssholeeeeeeeee now photo editor is shit you edit a photo and it doesnt register that it was editied way too much shit going on. garbage. long story short i need a new photo editor / uploader / gallery hosting site. its too much of a fucking pain to open illustrator or photoshop

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"ink master"

am i the only one who thinks that show is a joke? these are the "ink masters"? all these mfs suck serious asshole at art in general. i mean great they can get the ink into the skin and all but thats where the buck stops. redic they needa get mfs like nikko hurtado for example that are ACTUALLY legit at tattooing to compete, not a bunch of random douchenozzle asshats with hardly any artistic talent with their undeserved sense of self entitlement. none of these peeps are inkmasters. the judges are lol worthy too. oliver peck? really? and chris whateverthefuckhislastnameis? hes not even a tattoo artist. just some dude with tattoos? seems fitting that tattoo nightmares comes on after it, lmao on one show people get shitty tattoos, on the next they try to fix them lol /endrant just had it in my dvr and watched it.. son i am disappoint

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

I dont always dress like wiz & kanye

Because i am not a phaggot

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people make a thread for something thats been posted millions of time, they get bitched at for not searching somebody actually uses search, finds a threads on their topic, but not the answer they want so they ask it in an old thread they searched but still get bitched at for grave digging. silly didnt happen to me just noticed /cool story bro

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man timetravels by going under his sink


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hypebeast : the race across america

we should have a race across america. like a cannonball run we start at preme nyc, and migrate to preme la then have a mass hypeparty on the beach where it becomes a festival of trades, music, and buds shit would be off dat chain yo

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Dont you fucking hate it when

you have like a million tabs open in different internet windows because your on doing research then all of a fucking sudden BLAM P.O.S. SAFARI randomly decides fuck you and whatever your doing and closes it all makes me wanna hurl this overpriced peice of shit macbook out a window firefucks is just as bad :/ and internet explorer always freeses and needs task manager to escape its fucking annoying so annoying it deserved its own thread before i jump on my desk and smash this thing

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