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I have this very hard to find and really nice Krew Klutch jacket for sale in size medium. I had to order this from Japan through a proxy. It's basically impossible to find anymore. Its in great condition, I've only wore it a handful of times, at most. Buy it Now: $125.00 I also accept offers. [Image]

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So I just got kicked out of my house...

This is some fuckin' bullshit.

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[FS] Vans "Gargoyle" Chukkas 8.5

I'm located in the Bay Area, CA. PAYPAL only, meet ups ok (I live in hayward/SL) These shoes are VNDS and are in excellent condition. Vans "gargoyle" chukkas. Box will be provided. BIN: $55.00 SHIPPED, offers are welcome. [Image]

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[FS] HUF crewneck (M) Obey Jacket (M)

Obey Jacket size Medium. BIN= $55.00 shipped [Image]

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[FS] 9.5 w)taps chukkas 9.5 Hosoi vans. Both 1st edition!

Thats right! these are the first edition W)taps chukka AND 1st edition hosoi's! Both shoes are used, as you can see from the pics. The best way to contact me if through PM, I will respond asap. W)taps vans chukka BIN: $80.00 but offers are welcome [B]SOLD[/B] Hosoi vans BIN: $80.00 but offers are welcome [Image]

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Black friday...Online?

Post up some sites online that are having black Friday sales!

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[FS] - Jordan V *Olive (8.5) Denim Dunk hi (9.5) NDS

Both are in good condition 8.5- BIN $100.00 shipped [Image] Prices are set for BIN, and taking offers. PM me with your offers.

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Etd Pop.

Who's going?!! [URL] [Image] Gonna be a fun night!

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I didn't know lil wayne was so good at guitar.


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The Official Flat Head Thread.


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video on jesus and the sun and stuff?

I can't find that video that someone posted, its on youtube. Its about jesus and the stars and what not. thanks alot.

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Honda CR-Z

Was a concept in 07, but Honda says it's coming in late 09. They say it isn't a new CR-X, but it looks almost identical <_< haha its still fuckin dope. AND at 66mpg, and fuckin sick looking. Def cop for me. [Image]

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Heath Ledger found dead in NYC

[URL] wtf...It's scary how young people die now a days...

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Happy Birthday jacoBUH_x!(Jacob)

Happy birthday foo

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This or That: My next car.

I sold my all black evo ( blushing ) hahaha but on a more serious note. I'm going to be purchasing a used car within the next month or so. I've narrowed it down to two cars. An Rsx Type S year 2004, but I would do a type R conversion. (body kit, spoiler,rims etc) Price is around 17k [Image] This is going to be a daily driver, as well as a weekend warrior. Does anyone have experience with either one? thanks.

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