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Legit check on Air Jordan IV Black Cement retro

a friend of mine copped them and before he pays he wants to know if they are legit what do you guys think? [Image] thanks for your help ps and if no let me know why

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[WTB] Nike M-65 Zizo Jacket QS in S

Hey there, I'm looking for a while after this jacket [URL] I couldn't find this one anymore in my size S If some one knows where to get this one in S or wants to sell me his one drop me a PM. preferred color black or like in the link cheers

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

[WTB] Visvim FBT US8

hey, if you have a pair for sale, let me know. I need the price including shipping to germany and pics of the shoe. cheers, Icer

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

sebago sizeing question

hi there, anyone know how the sebago docksides fit? I've found an german online shop where I can get them very cheap. But they have just size 40 (US 7; cm 25) and 41,5 (US 8; cm 26) My size in Air Max 90's Dunk SBs is US 8 (cm 26) and vans era 40,5 I've tried the timberland boatshoes in 41 and they fit a little bit to large but it was ok. so any suggestions? cheers

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[WTB] adidas x Lemar and Dauley Streetball (8,5-9,5)

Hey, I'm looking for a friend after the adidas x Lemar and Dauley Streetball in Whit in US size 8,5; 9 or 9,5. If someone has a pair for sale PM me with your offers. bye, Icer

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rss feeds?

Hi, after the updtae the rss feeds aren't available anymore. Are you guys planing to enable the rrs option for the news section? kthxbai!

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Fake chinese brands

a colleague of me send me this link very funny [URL]

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any one got pics of campers?

Hi, some friends and collegues don't belive me that there are people who are camping for shoes and clothes. It would be cool when some one could post some pics of campers and ques for clothes and shoes. and for the funny guys please do not post pics of your last camping hollydays...

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shopping in NY

Hi guys, a friend of me is now for a month in NY... and he asked me if I need something from there. And he also wanted to know if I know some good shops. I gave him this [URL]. but he wanted some more skate shops to buy for his own some skate stuff, and he said it should not be so expensive like supreme. And maybe someone can tell me what will be droped in the next few weeks

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what do you think about things like this?

Hi I found this [URL] Check guide on ebay. What do you think about that? Makes that not easier for the peolpe producing fakes to make them look authentic?

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Retail Prices in Japan?

Can some one tell me how much you circa pay for a shirt, zipper, shoes and jeans in Japan at BWS?? and also the Prices in the BBC and Ice Cream Store? and It would be cool to know the prices in NY also... Or is this TopSecret?? blushing

2 Weeks ago in Japan

How many Fake SB

Now I have bought two fake SB

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