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[DIAMOND SUPPLY CO.] - 2014 Official Discussion Thread

Anyone know if diamond printed their recent hoodies on independent trading company blanks? I just got my hoodie in the mail from mltd and the hoodie blank is from independent, I knew it felt a lot different than my other diamond hoodies that were much thinner. Is it fake? It has the bottom diamond tag and the back of the neck too but did they just sew that on? Thanks for the help.

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Dickhead friends


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Hypebeast Institute of Pornography

^ Jayden Lee

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What's YOUR definition of rice?

I have a Honda (yes a 4 banger) and I feel like if I have ANY decent (mainly exterior) mods that aren't OEM on it or don't have a VTEC engine, someone will call rice on it. I'm not all about caring what others think but I don't want my car fucked with because I have some mods to make it look a little better. I'm not going to put "JDM" stickers or think I'm JDM as fuck or anything, just don't like the completely stock look. Anyways, what's YOUR definition of a ricer?

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Hypebeast Institute of Pornography

^ I believe its aletta ocean

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No love for older accords?

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Tech Deck

^^^ nope lol these are still in at my school too.

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Audiophiles (Speakers/Headphones etc.) Official Discussion Thread

Beats by Dre: earphones or solos? Hmm looking into this, are grado's earphones any good? iGi is about all I see for earphones, I'm mainly looking for bass and overall sound quality.

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Good gray shoes?

I'm looking to cop gray beaters, whats some recommendations or your faves? smokeyface

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Windbreakers/Rain jackets?

It's that time of year again, anyone know any good windbreakers or rain jackets for kinda cheap? I'd f with north face but it's just way too expensive smh.

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What's on your keychains?

As of right now, I have keys and a bullet keychain or a small LED flashlight. What do you guys have on yours? smokeyface

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How much will a beanie shrink if you wash it?

I bought a new crooks and castles beanie on the online store and it turned out to be huge when i received it. Just wondering if washing it and drying it is the only option for it to shrink. How much will it shrink? The beanie has a little white puff ball at the top will that be ruined? ?)

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Official NFL Discusion Thread

dam andre johnson just whooped on cortland finnegan smokeyface

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H&M Jackets?

Does anyone know if they still have those plain jackets that zip all the way up to about the jacket strings? I haven't been there for so long. This: img826.imageshack(dot)us/img826/4578/3588700182c5ed647b8c.jpg

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Would you buy these bracelets?

I would for $25 at most blinkyeyes

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