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Need book recommendations

alright my vocab really sucks, and i wanna improve it what are some good books to read? im only into people stuff, so no sci fi and all that crap thx

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Ways to clean New Era Caps?

what are some ways of clenaing new era caps? cant wash em...are there any sprays? i was thinking u could buy them sprays that you can use to bring back the 'colour' of the hat.. but yeahh suggestions? thx

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Block Schedule canceled in school?!?!

Is this throughout the US? Or just in Las Vegas man today i went to registar for a new school, since i moved, and they dont do no A day and B day its the same 6 classes everyday...smh I like the old block schedule dammit, now schools just like in australia

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Competition results..

i need help guys.. how does the thingys go in a comp again? quarter finals > semi's > finals ? whats before quarters thanks

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For all the aussies

check this out mates [Image]

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Connecting xbox 360 Windows Media Center to a pc

okay anyone out there that did that? ok since ive done that, i can basically access everything on my laptop... how do i allow or deny access of some stuff like one of my harddrives? so no one can see some of teh stuff i have on my hard disk

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Instrumental/Piano Music

Does anyone know where I can get a full album of maybe soft piano tunes...? Something I need to sleep to, thx

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Checking in

nvm problem solved, delete please thx

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Whats that madonna song?

ive been looking for it for ages... but still no luck... it has a the word celebration repeated in the song (no its not the new one) it sounds sort of like earth wind and fire.... like back in that era like really groovy, 80's and funky.... thx

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Food Poisoning...

sucks so bad fuck. whos had em b4?

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Fat Gangsta Iraqi Kid

[URL] he so gangsta!

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San Jose

I am going there tomorow, to visit some relatives... anyone know whats goood over there?

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Need help with PAYPAL

can someone please tell me the customer service number to call on paypal. I registered my paypal in australia, and it doesnt give me any numbers to call except australian numbers (im in the states now). thx

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Karmaloop's Kelly

[URL] u dam pervs!

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Stitch Assist/Photo Stitch

does anyone know where I can get a free stitching program? i was using one working fukin fine, until i bought my new notebook which is vista. and now its incapable on vista.. ive tried looking for updates and stuff but there are none...

2 Weeks ago in Photography