WTB: Alexandre Plohov x Uniqlo Zip Up Hoodie

[Image] In Medium or Large Via PayPal

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WTB Uniqlo x Alexandre Plokhov items

Long zip up hoodie [URL] Back sz. L I can do PayPal with 4% and live in Toronto Canada.

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ID these shoes?

Anyone know what boots these are? [URL]

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Help identifying shoes? Acronym site

Do any of you know what boots these are in the pics?  [URL] PS. Acronym needs to re release the black P10s

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How to get a American credit card from Canada

I wanna buy some stuff online but they only take American credit cards, do any Canadian brothers know any places i can get an American credit card?  I was thinking of buying pre paid Visas here and registering the address under a family member in the US.

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Doing MDMA in a couple of hours

grabbed about 3 grams in crystal form, any recommendations on how to crush it and what to expect? Is it true your peak lasts about 2-3 hours? thanks bruhs

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Acne Ace Jeans sizing

How would you guys recommend sizing on Acne Ace jeans in black? Im usually a 32 waist and wear a 30 in APC PS and 31 in Levis 510. I heard people say size down 1 or 2 sizes due to stretch.

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WTB: Common Projects Achilles Low Black w/ White Sole Sz 43

Want to buy CP Achilles low black with white sole from F/W 11' in size 43 (US 10). Willing to pay top dollar. PM me

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Worlds Tallest teen Vol. Would you smash?

Brazilian 17 year old teen, would you smash when legal age? [URL] [Embed content]

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Boots Aldens vs Trickers?

Looking to grab a pair of boots for winter, looking at Alden Indy 403 or Trickers Stow.<br><br>Any recommendations which will hold up better in winter?

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Red Wings Boots: Iron Ranger vs Beckman

Anyone of you guys have these boots and which would you recommend? Looking to purchase either one in a dark brown..

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FT: MEDIUM Navy Supreme Canvas Coach Jacket for LARGE

Anyone with a Large Navy Supreme Canvas Coach willing to trade for my Medium Navy one, please PM me. Willing to add cash.

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Recommend steel toes?

So my work just put in a rule that states all workers must wear steel toe shoes. I used to wear vans to work, can anyone recommend any sneaker looking steel toes or any steel toes that dont look gay?

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Shwood Sunglasses?

Does anyone have a pair of these glasses? Thinking about copping the Canbys for summer. If you have a pair hows the quality and can it fit people with bigger heads?

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Feedback : Geebus

Bought a Supreme Ottoman jacket from him, great seller. Sold it for a good price with quick shipping. He also responds quickly to your messages.

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