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whaddup hb brahs. left during the HELGEN/ FUNERAL FAB controversy. whas gud?

Sup hypebeast, I'm back after like 3 years. Where my ogs at?hb memories:helgen demodded/ funeralfag beef ....helgen lives in japan.....drew shots fired photochops....this is my style this is me..... when wdywt was like 400 pages long at any given time..... Rhinestones thread.....legendary stoner thread...... ny meetup with that skinny Asian kid forget his name..... the shop owner who saurier worked for scamming everybody..... saurier t shirt hype.... swagson chop threads... The fucked up hairline... vol sac beefen...... that's all off the top of my head. Ogs add yours

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What TV shows were your jam back when you were a young buck?


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*Official* Thread for 2012 Member Post Whoring and Faggotry

Yo just thought I would make a chill thread for all the 2012 members to get their post count up hang out and beef with each other in and be lames in. enjoy

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Condoms that wont FUCKING break

Ok yo hb ive been using these shits for a while cause I copped a hundo for free [Image] (this is for straight niggas doe no homosexuals allowed in this thread @boland) anyways ive broke that shit 3 outta 10 of the last times. what teh fuck its not supposed to be like that. So I need some suggestions before I make a purchase. cheyuhhhhhhh

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Finna Cop Some New Speakers

So I am looking to buy a new set of speakers for my room to blast shit, but I dont know what to get. I have bose speakers on my computer, but I hear they are overpriced for what you get. Does Hb have any suggestions? edit: budget $300

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Do You Guys Think There Will Be A Race War?

Aight so I was visiting Berkeley because I will be attending there next year and to be honest I was floored by the amount of Asians, who seemed to outnumber all other races ten to one. Its crazy to think that for more than the first hundred years of the campuses’ existence, there place was dominated by the white man, but then in the last ten years the asian invasion has taken over. Now whites are hardly seen, and when they are they look uneasy and fearful of the chinamen that surround them. This is just one example. Basically what I’m saying is that Do You think there will be a race war? Because yeah I know blacks and mexicans are irrelevant, but whites may fight back against the asians who are taking what the whites previously were entitled to? This would lead to an all out race war.

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Official SOFT DRINK Appreciation Thread

[Image] Now i dont normaly like the chinamen but this shit is TOO dank. Espcialy out the freezer when its still got a lil slushy shit in it smokeyface

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Facebook makes David Choe a rich muthafucka Vol. $$$$$

The New York Times profiled graffiti artist David Choe as one example of how Facebook's public offering will change the lives of thousands of people. Choe was hired to paint murals on the walls of Facebook's Palo Alto office in 2005; instead of taking cash as payment, he accepted several hundred stock options. Those shares could be now worth north of $200 million. http://rendezvous.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/02/and-he-thought-facebook-was-ridiculous/

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Anyone have the video of the asian guy tweaking the fuck out on E?

The one where he was at the rave and he was tweaking out infront of the lights. Saw it on here like a year ago.i want to view for the lulz but i cant find it. normaly i wouldnt make a post like this cause it clutters up the boards but this forum is pretty shitty now anyways

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Minor in possesion

Yo i was at my schools football game, long story short me and my homie got singled out of a crowd of like 200 beligerent kids because we was the tallest ♥♥♥♥♥s there. So basicaly police comes tries to breathalize us we refuse. But they still claimed they were going to cite us with MIP because we SMELLED like alcohol? can they do that? share your experience with this shit but it seems to me like they have no evidence and therefore cant fuck us

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Free Outback Steak

[URL] smokeyface

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Confidence + Lokos Does Not Always = Getting Girl

I have seen it today. My friend had the confidence, and gave that bitch like 2 loko but this one girl tells him to back away from her, etc. You know what the secret ingredient is? Japanese elitist swag + Lokos = Get Girl. [Image]

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Chargers baby!!!!


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