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What are you guys expecting? I heard kanye wants to do it big but jay isn't about it

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Chinon CG-5

I just found this camera in my basement...my dad says it was his and he doesn't use it anymore... I have no idea how good it is or anything...but i think it is a slr i dont know anything about cameras lol. Well im trying to get a dslr could i use any parts from this on it? idk...can someone just give me info on it just random stuff please.

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Backpack like this?

I went to philly and saw a backpack like this...I think it had more straps and was smaller though. I need something that looks hot but for school so not big, just to carry books. [Image] If not can someone suggest something too me, I'd like it to be black or something neutral that won't get dirty.

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