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[WTB] Supreme WTB list, paypal ready

Please PM me if you have any of these and want to sell it to me. Hooded twill hoodie Size M 190 + 4% for deadstock [Image]

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[WTB] Diamond OG Script hoodie BURGUNDY S/M

I'm looking for the Diamond OG script hoodie burgundy, preferably in small, but medium can work.  I'm a serious buyer, Paypal ready. Starting with $80 shipped.  Please pm me if you have one and can sell it to me [Image]

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Supreme F*ck Bandana


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Quality of 20 jeans

I saw these on facebook ads recently LOL [URL] Apparently all their jeans on the site are $20 a pair, so of course at that price, I would question the quality. I emailed them asking if they were raw or sanforized, and the customer support told me it was raw. Although they have no idea if it's sanforized or not. I was wondering if anyone has bought their jeans from this site before. If so, how's the quality on these jeans?

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[FS]HTC Radar 4G 8GB tmobile great condition

Paypal + 4% or local meetup in the Cupertino area. Offers will be considered but please don't lowball. 9/10 asking 140 SHIPPED  Used this phone for around 2-3 months, took good care of it, and now I'm upgrading. The only flaw on this phone is a tiny tiny dent on a corner which I have no clue how it got there LOL.  Everything is fully functional guaranteed, no scratches on the screen at all, no scratches on the back either. The phone still has a bodyguardz skin on it, and can be taken off by simply peeling it off. ([URL]) I will include the box, all the useless manuals, warranty information, and other crap, the AC wall adapter, and a USB cable. This is for Tmobile sim cards, but you can always unlock it yourself. [Image] Feel free to PM me any questions.

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Feedback: Hyudryu

If you buy/sold anything from me, please give me feedback blushing

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Supreme stickers?

I saw in the Supreme FAQ about the send $5 and get 5 stickers thing. Im about to mail $5USD along with a pre-stamped, return envelope to them. Are they gonna scam me? blinkyeyes

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[FS] Supreme backpack, Playboy vans, tees, CHEAP

All 100% authentic. Paypal +4% ONLY Prices listed below show prices including shipping. no international shipping. Offers are accepted, but please no lowballing. I can do local meetups near Cupertino, CA. If you want to meet up, PM me and we can set up a time. Prices ARE NEGOTIABLE. Discounts will be given if multiple items are bought. EVERYTHING IS MEDIUM UNLESS SAID OTHERWISE Supreme X Wackies Reckless Tee Grey DSWOT $30 SHIPPED Below retail [Image] ~ Mark

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Mods please delete.

Mods please delete. Thanks blushing

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[FS] PRICE DROPPED Nike SB Aqua Fuels sz 10

Paypal + 4% only. I will not ship internationally. Offers are accepted, but don't lowball.   These shoes are in pretty good condition 8/10, but has a bit of wear. I don't have the black shoelaces that came with these shoes. I'm asking for 70.00 ---> 59.99$ shipped. If you need any more pictures, please let me know. Pictures: [Image]

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Mods please delete.

Mods please delete. Thanks!!

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Legit check Nudies Thin Finn Ecru

Hey guys, I just bought another pair of nudies on Ebay, and they are different from my old nudies, so I'm verifying wether or not they are legit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/160798975736?var=460071187370&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_4142wt_1037 The person I got it from has 6000+ feedback at 98.7% positive. My old nudies are Nudie thin finns and the pocket stitching is orange, not white. The ones I bought recently are the ones with the white stitching (Ecru Embo) Now, on my old nudies, the button above the zipper had white words. This is a picture of my OLD nudies. http://i1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb357/hyudryu/IMG_20120121_000050.jpg And on the new nudies, they don't have the white words. Also, these jeans didn't come with the "Dry Denim - Use for 6 months before first wash!..." label. On my old nudies, the zipper was also golden (not real gold of course), and made by YKK, but on the ebay bought ones, the zipper is copper, and oxidixed a bit. The tag next to the leather patch is made of a material that feels like those paper egg cartons, and the ink looks a bit faded. One more thing, when I first got my previous nudies, they were new and they were not stiff at all. The Ecru ones on the other hand, are pretty stiff. The cloth just feels more rough. So what do you guys think? If it's fake, I can probably just file a claim on Paypal and get a refund. Pictures: [Image]

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After sizing down, nudies still too big?

Hi. So I have a pair of nudie Thin Finns size 28x30 and for some reason, the upper legs and lower legs are very very "loose." They aren't "skinny" at all. On the other hand, the button part feels very very tight. It's so tight that I do not need a belt. Im ro ughly 5"8 and last time I weighed myself, I was around 115. I didn't soak my nudies because I heard it was not necessary with Nudies. Aaaand I got the bottom part tapered, but the upper leg part is still very big and it looks baggy when I wear it. I dont think my waist can fit in a 27x30 or a 26x30 :/ although Im pretty sure my legs would fit perfectly in a pair of 26s, just not my waist. Is there any way I can make these tighter? Mostly in the part above the knee, and below the waist. Thanks tongueface

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FS: Nudie Slim Jim 29×30 Broken Twill LIKE NEW 130$ shipped.

Bought these NEW, they were too big on me, so I got them tappered, but they were still too big for me, so I told the tailor to undo the tappering and Im selling these. These jeans have NEVER touched water, and I can guarantee you these are authentic. I am asking for 130$ SHIPPED for this pair of jeans. Offers will be considered. If you need more pictures, just tell me and I will post more of any specific parts. Paypal only. I will only ship within the 50 states of the US. No international shipping (sorry smh ) I will include the small booklet thing in the back pocket. [Image]

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