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Which one of you uploaded this vid nsfw

[URL] supreme camp 13:00 onwards

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Coolest sounding rapper?

obviously this shits gona be subjective but you knwo when you hear some nigga rap and you're thinkin dam nig sounds dope who do you think is the coolest sounding rapper?

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How do you get a snug sleeve roll?

i seen that kid vin do it, but he's too elite to respond to my PM... it's a nice clean snug roll just above the elbow.... not crazy puffy either Anyone know?

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Wallpaper request

im looking for someone to help me make a simple wallpaper. i just want a framed picture onto an existing wallpaper. something like this, but it's just 1 photo that needs the background cropped. [Image]

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Pregame music?

wat music yall bumpin in the car on the way to a party/bar/club to get amped?

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ID these glasses?

[Image] Better link: http://boyculture.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c2ca253ef0147e2d883a2970b-pi

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Winter Jackets?

What are you niggas wearing for winter? I don't want some bulky shit, but slim and warm.

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What the fuck?

[Embed content] WHY?

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Hiphop Blogs?

what are some good hiphop blogs??

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Club Attire Vol. what to wear?

i normally go to the bars with my friends, but lately they've all been wanting to go to clubs and shit. what do you guys usually wear to clubs? fit pics would be good

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NBA stream?

where to stream tonites game?? the one on nba.com doesnt work for me

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slim fitting oxfords?

where do cop slim fitting solid color oxfords?

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military standard scout belts?

where can i get some military standard scout belts? i ordered a random scout belt on ebay and it keeps stretching so it's a piece of shit.

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driving test

is it hard? how long should i practice for before taking it

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I Figured It Out

Tyler Really Is The Spawn Of Satan. His Thoughts Are Depraved And Deranged. He's Still Posting On This Forum...But As A His Alter-Ego Named Remian Who's Not As Good As Him. Evidence: Remian - Types By Capitalizing Every First Letter: [URL] Edit: It's TylersGreenHat That's Remian Actually. Edit2: Which Is Actually Tyler. Edit3: Tyler's AA Hat.

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