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[FS] Lots of (Classic!) Evisu

All of these Evisu jeans, shirts or accessories are authentic. I've been collecting Evisu since six years ago and a lot of what I'm selling right now is that old. It's classic material, stuff of high quality that you won't find in stores anymore. [Image][/QUOTE] Some jeans are crazy (the EU ED Jamaican!), some are classic (the silver gulls). Everything has been worn and used, except for the telephone-cord(s), which are new. All jeans are size 34, all shirts are size L. Some shirts fit like a M. If you're interested in anything, just PM or post the number of the item and I will give you all information (measurements). I'm sure we can work a good price out. The overview pic is tagged with my username. Please check my blog if you're not convinced my stuff is real: [URL]. I'm a connoisseur of the real stuff and I really hate counterfeits. Good luck.

2 Weeks ago in Apparel