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What Online Stores do you shop at? Lets get a list going + duties

Online stores are best for shopping but i love to purchase only electronic products like Camera, Mobile Phones and Watch. I love to capture my family photographs that's why i love to buy camera's online. Amazon is best online shopping store

2 Weeks ago in Canada

What online stores you guys shop at?

Mostly i love to do online shopping from some of mine favorite shopping stores. I have one sweet elder sister and she has really very cute baby girl. Her baby girl loves to wear T- Shirts with wordings that's why i have bought one very nice [b][URL][b] [/b]store Chiri baby wear[b]. I have posted my sister's girl T- Shirt check it out below. [Image] [/b]

2 Weeks ago in Europe


I love breaking point movie. what a classic story!

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

What are you watching?

I am watching titanic movie with my lover because weather is too awesome.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Canadian Brands

For baby clothing : [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Canada