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POW Chain only $130

1) Description 2) Payment Method 3) Trust PLEASE READ References- Supreme_rz Meet-ups: $120 Outside buyers from my area: 130 shipped(form of shipping is overnight from UPS with tracking number) 1) The Pow Chain is from the company Ambush. Its worn by several famous celebrities such as Kid Cudi, Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, Big Sean, and many more others. The POW chains originated in Japan from the company Ambush, ran by Verbal and Yoon. Since the pow chains are located overseas, there is a limited amount of retailers here in the U.S and most likely sold out of POW chains. The Pow chains retail at $180 + shipping. I have a used pow chain, sliver chain and blue pow, the chain is 10/10 condition, no chipping, no scratches, looks deadstock, and I still have the original dustbag as show in the pics. I'm selling for $130 shipped and I will be overnight shipping the product once I receive payment (if someone decide to buy out of my area). Fastest way to reach me is through private messaging (PM) or my email, [email]krazyballer223@yahoo.com[/email]. The pictures I took I forgot to add my screen name so I did one crappy pic on my mobile phone. 2) I highly prefer meet ups, I'm located in Los Angeles, California (310). If you happen to be outside my area for example New York, Las Vegas, or Texas, the only form of payment is conceal cash or checks (sorry for the inconvenience.). I do respond quickly on my emails and PM's I do receive. If I do receive serious buyers, I will send you my number for quick communication if you feel comfortable that way. 3) Your best bet is to contact Supreme_rz, who is a member of ISS with great feedback and a member of n-sb.org with 55+ legit feedback. I made numerous of deals with him, meet up with him and bought Jordan CDP 4s and 3s from him. Deal went smooth no problems. I highly recommend him if you want to do a background check on me. So your best bet is to use Supreme_rz as a reference since he the only person I bought from and witness of my trust and communication. Thanks for looking. NOTE: ALL PICTURES are from me, I forgot to put my name on the high definition ones (took from a friend's camera) and too lazy to retake but I did take one pic with my name on it with my crappy phone. sorry for the inconvenience. Shoot me PM's or emails if you have any other question. Thanks for looking PICS:[URL]

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[The Hundreds] - 2009 Discussion Thread

You're not a TH Head if you dont have one of these &) 3-D Adam Bommmb blinkyeyes [Image]

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[HALL OF FAME] - 2009 Discussion Thread

is this for every hat in the store and is there always a line ? !!!!

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Kid Robot - Futurama

damn i need to cop haha =D

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What car should I get?

try not to buy like m3 for some other top of the line car brand with high miles cause in the end waste of 10gs and you might have car problems in the future

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To sag or not to sag?

NO SAG = NO SWAGG lol really idk sagging to me looks fugly just buy some dope jeans that fit bro

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[WTB] Nike sb backpack

so do i smh

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Alife x Girl

damn that dope havnt seen those around before

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Damn i miss the good old days =(

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Official Fixed Gear Thread

fixie for life !

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[Undefeated] - 2009 Discussion Thread

im feeling this season !!

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Show Yo Crib!!!

damn some dope pad

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Halo 3: ODST

as much as a halo fan i am hate to say but bungie is digging themselves a hole. wish i can go back to the halo 2 days smh

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[The Hundreds] - 2009 Discussion Thread

so does anyone kno if the summer THLA new era hats are available yet?

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[The Hundreds] - 2009 Discussion Thread

[QUOTE=Heat.LA;1844163]Summer '09 New Eras [Image] Are these THLA hats already available at THLA &) ?? if so how much do they go for blushing

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