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a nasty canadian brand, Hotchrome.

started in the streets in `06 and still there [Image] [URL]

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[Hotchrome] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

a nasty canadian brand... [Image] [URL]

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Trade shows

Is there any trade shows in canada? i know there is plenty in the u.s. like magic and such.. I heard of one in Toronto but can not remember the name of it.

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EASTVAN sign (Vancouver)

this is beautiful. [Image] they just put it there

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off the hook got kinda wack and pop/unreal... where imma going to get some real shit from? and where is located the goodfoot anyway?

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screenprinter for my brand

i use to deal with proper design in vancouver, the one that prints for livestock, they are the best i have worked with yet, but they dont wana work with me anymore dunno why. im looking for a screenprinter that works with BRANDS, that can do oversized prints, discharge and waterbased and everything a brand needs. i im in the montreal area. at [URL] you can see the kinda prints im looking for. thanks!

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