hype cog

post halo 3 level

40 in team slayer 40 in mlg those will improve when i find a group of people who can hold their own instead of me having to put on a backpack everytime.

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Is a mac good for these uses...

i am looking to buy a mac but im wondering if i should if all im going to do really is use photoshop, make a website, and surf the web basically. i am going to start my own site and was wondering if mac has all the capabilities to do that. sorry if i sound like a total noob or something. thanks for responses.

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can someone make me a sig for other sites use. i just want it to say my username and have somethin to do with a hotbox or marijuana or something affiliated to it like say bob marley coming out of a box with a blunt in his hand. id really appreciate it.

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