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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Gordon-Levitt#Filmography What catapulted him to get all these amazing roles? 500 Days of Summer? His '08-'12 movie roles have been pretty impressive, except for GI Joe.

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ipad Jailbreaking.

I'm a student and was wondering what the benefits are of jailbreaking the ipad. I'm using it mostly for textbooks and school stuff.

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Stussy, Supreme, The Hundreds, Crooks button downs

**All prices include shipping. Paypal please add 4%. For feedback check out my solecollector profile (http://solecollector.com/Sneakers/Member/Hoonie_Kim/)** [Image] The Hundreds Buffalo Flannel sz L: $40

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New Eras (7 1/4 and 7 1/8) and Snapbacks

[Image] **All hats are used and do not have any New Era stickers or original tags on them** Prices include shipping. Please add 4% for paypal fees. My paypal is hmkim87@gmail.com. If you want to see my references please check out my solecollector feedback (http://solecollector...ber/Hoonie_Kim/) Starting with the back right corner... Supreme Navy New Era 7 1/8: $40 Huf Cal State H New Era 7 1/8: $20 The Hundreds Adam Bomb New Era Blue/Orange 7 1/8: $20 Huf H Blue New Era 7 1/8: $20 10 Deep Black Cats New Era 7 1/8: $20 In4mation houndstooth New Era 7 1/4: $50 Diamond OG Script Snapback: $20 Huf 3M Polka Dot New Era 7 1/8: $20 Play Cloths Black Fitted 7 1/4: $20

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