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Awake Official Discussion Thread

new show starring lucius malfoy as both a really good actor and a police officer that gets in a car crash, son dies, wife survives. goes to sleep, wakes up, son is alive, wife is dead. same thing keeps happening and he can't tell them apart. i hope it doesn't end with him being the one that's dead or in a coma or some shit. also it's a new show on nbc so it could die at anytime. pilot episode is the best i've seen in a while, so even if it sucks dick later, it's cool for now.

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personally i think it's stupid and if anything, the longer you live the slower time will appear to pass cons thinks otherwise i think this thread might get buried by the hb bourgeoisie that made new hb so hb would die and they could profit somehow

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maria ozawa casting filipinos for her next bukkake

http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/12/28/11/maria-ozawa-wants-pinoys-next-porn-film i know there are a lot of you here. let us know if you get through!

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bring back old hb

shoutbox is a pile of piles, i hate this shit

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rip gaddafi


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can I sue ask jeeves?

cos back when it was popular, whenever i asked it something, it'd just shout advertisements at me down the computer. it was very misleading.

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how did the stone end up in harry's pocket?

i still don't understand it, and i'm certain it's jk rowling's fault. there's ambiguity, and there's plotholes i could drives a boulder through.

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is it easier to love or hate?

i think hate is harder. love is kinda accepted even though it's so intangible and fragile at the same time and never really unconditional unless it becomes something else. hate requires rationalisation, which is hard to sustain at such an intensity.

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why is spic allowed to have that name?

i'm wondering, because it seems kinda wrong.

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why do women even like men, mostly?

i mean, girls are objectively better. everything you could think of as attractive, women have in more volume than men. can you think of any reasons, biologically or otherwise?

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who made god?

isn't it kind of a bigger leap than believing in god's power to believe that he just appeared out of nothing, or that he always "was"? i mean, what the hell?

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isn't everything kind of an island?

i mean, there's water fuckin everywhere, so what the hell? you know what i mean.

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is hair a factor in how tall you are?

i think i'd be taller if i always had long hair, but it seems like a feeble argument when i don't. what say you?

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how do islands sink?

i'm tired of these long answers and "google". just tell me.

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How old is fifteen, really?

So I was thinking, for the second time today, that maybe nature has it right. Maybe anyone willing and sexually mature should be able to have sex with people of that same nature. Animals do it all the time. Etcetera. Ay?

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