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[FS] DQM Dunks and other Tier Zero items for sale

Here are some shoes that I have for sale and here are the [b]conditions[/b]: [b] No Trades![/b] [b]NO LOW BALLING!!! NO FLAKERS!!! NO RETURNS!! I accept USPS money orders,Paypal(+4%) & cash on meeet ups Meet ups in Boston ONLY! HAVE MONEY READY WHEN OFFERING! Feel free to ask questions, Thank You [/b] I need these gone by next week !!! Let's make it happen guys! DQM Blue Dunk sz 8.5 SO: 150 [Image]

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Feedback: Jeeyouknit

URL : [URL] Item : Nom De Guerre Denim Price : 200 shipped to NH Post date : 27 July 2008 Jeeyouknit agreed to send 200 via paypal for a pair of Nom De Guerre denims. I recieved the payment and will send it to the address to the corresponding Paypal account. Cool dude and he sent me a fast payment.

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[FS] Nom De Guerre sz.30 and Tee Shirt sale sz. M!!!!!!

I have a bunch of shirts here for sale and a pair of brand new Nom de Guerre denim sz 30. Here are the terms: +[b]Paypal[/b] and [b][i][u]MO[/u][/i][/b] only (add 4% paypal fees) +add $5-8 shipping +I [i][b][u]will not [/u][/b][/i]ship first +if you have any questions, feel free to ask but the pictures speak for themselves. +N[b][u][i]o Trades[/i][/u][/b] [b]ALL SHIRTS ARE SIZE M unless noted otherwise. Also, the pictures of the tees are of the front and back( front only: back side is blank)[/b] The Hundreds Lost Boys Shirt M BIN: 20 [Image]

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Nostylgia stocked up on SB's

[URL] The site has been updated with some old and newer sb's...The prices are a lil outrageous if you ask me, but just postin to help ya'll out.

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Ronaldinho AF1

The Ronaldinho AF1 are now available on niketown.com $115>>>$122 including shipping.

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

That movie looks like its going to be GAY. Come on, Bow wow is in it. The only thing that this movie has to offer are hot asian girls.

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What do you ask for at the babershop?

Personally, I ask for a taper and a lineup.

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Stilletto shoes size 5 or 5 1/2

My girl is trying to find a nice pair of stilletto shoes for either size 5 or 5 1/2. We've tried looking in all department stores and also every ALDO shoes store that we see but it seems that it is close to IMPOSSIBLE to find shoes this size. Basically anything thats like an ALDO style shoe. Can any of the ladies in this forum help a guy out? That would be greatly appriciated!

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Concepts Boston

Does anyone from the Boston area know if Concepts has a Nike Tier Zero account? I'm trying to find out in advance if they are getting them in. If not, I'm definitely heading over to Nort or Alife in NYC for those Air Max 1 x CLOT kicjs.

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Ms. Claw

For all the ladies out there, Ms. Claw is a pretty nice brand. My girl copped a tank top by her at Bodega in Boston. They tell me theyre really hard to come by. here's the link if you wanna support the lady bombers: [URL]

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Chi Town shops!

i'm headin west for a basketball tourney this summer and I gonna hit up some shops for sure. I know there's Goliath but what other stores they got out there? Lemme know!

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Opening of Johnny Cupcakes on Newbury St.

For anyone who's interested in the Boston area, if you don't have anything to do, go to the opening of the new Johnny Cupcakes shop on Newbury Street. The first 100 customers gets a bag of limited edition goodies.

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Goods T-shirts

THem Goods Tees are fire! If ya'll know what i'm talking about, its that shirt that kanye west wore in that MTV2 2 $ Bill Show. I know stussy x goods did a collabo and sells on the stussysite. But I'm tryna find that Goods shirt with the angel on it. Does anyone know where I can find one? or know anyone that is sellin? Hit me up!

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