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What phone case are you carrying?

im still rocking my grey/white otterbox Defender lmao. This is my second Defender case and usually the silicon piece will stretch out. mine still hasn't stretched out for some reason.

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Help with order

I ordered some Been Trill shirts and more from pacsun today. I've gotten to the last thing to do when ordering something online where it says something like "Your order has been placed! We will send you a order confirmation" then I exited the browser thinking my order has been placed. So i kept checking my email and I realized i never recieved it. When I went to pacsun.com and logged into my account there and went to my order history, it says "no order has been placed under this account." Should i like place the order all back or wait till after the holidays (New Years) ?

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Looking for/Where to find Discussion Thread

Anyone know where I can order an nice gold chain ?

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