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What cologne do you guys use?

Not gonna lie. I didn't really care about my scent too much. I take showers daily and don't really sweat so I never really dabbled into cologne. Took me til now to realize it's a game changer. Ain't tryna throw massive bills on it though. Got some reccomendations HB?

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Mad Max: Fury Road

How is there no thread on this yet???  [Embed content] Just watched it last night. Loved it. Reccomend it to anyone.

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[Destiny] Official Discussion Thread

Saw a thread on the off-topic forum. Lets get some burn over here. Been playing for a few weeks. Char is lvl 25 as of now but i'm tryna hit up some raids soon. Add me: PSN: spacefox8

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[FS] Ronin Parka Size S

[Image] Edit*: I posted it as a Medium size earlier but it is actually a small. Can send more pics if interested. US SHIPPING ONLY $100 obo

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[FS] Supreme Tees Cheap

[Image] All these shirts have been worn and washed Supreme No Apologies (Navy M) - 25 Supreme Casablanca (Navy M) - 25 Or both for 40 Supreme Snow White L/S (M) - GONE Ronin Akira (M) - GONE

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[FS] Size S/M - Supreme, Ronin, Japanese Cartoon

ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN WORN&WASHED US SHIPPING ONLY I DO NOT SEND FIRST ALL SALES FINAL PM ME Sup x Wtaps Metal Militia Tee Size M - $old [Image] Japanese Cartoon Trilly&Truly Size S - $30

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Gotta Drug Test Coming Up

All dumbass and simp topics aside. I got a hair test coming up soon. Haven't smoked since last month. I'm not a very heavy smoker. I'm always taking a couple months off every now and then and when i did smoke it would be for a like a month or so. I know what yall thinking. This mothafucka aint passing. But any help is greatly appreciated. Yes, i've looked many many different ways to pass a hair test. Best chance i got is using shampoos, getting haircuts, detoxing etc. Does anyone know of a guaranteed way to pass this test? Maybe not 100%, but something that can give me the best chance of passing this thing. Don't be the dumbass that says don't do drugs. Idgaf captain hindsight. I know theres somebody out there who has gone through this and must have an answer.

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Best beatdowns in Anime

yooo. i used to watch this show all the time back in toonami and shit. probably the most one sided fight ive seen. this dude got straight fucked up its not even fair. [Embed content] shit has me dyin every time post yours.

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Sold. Mods. Pls delete

sold. mods pls delete. PM Me

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[FS] SupremexWtaps Tee/ BBC 3/4 LS Baseball tee

[Image] BBC Navy 3/4 LS Baseball Tee Size M Condition 7/10 $75 $old pouch ALL PRICES ARE AS SET I DO NOT SEND FIRST NO FLAKERS Shirts and pouch come with original sandwich bags (cept supreme tee). I can try to provide better pics if asked upon.

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Supreme Vans Bleached Denim Era 9.5

[Image] I NEED THIS. So offer.smokeyface

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Odd future tickets

Need about 4 or 5. smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface offer

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shorts for spring/summer

i like wearing pants/jeans over the summer but sometimes it just gets too hot. camo is getting overrated imo. im not tryna fck with jorts. khaki is alright but too many pockets looks puffy.

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Gold Watch

yes or no?

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Help I.d. shoe?

[URL] Anyone know what those are? Please and thank you.

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