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Hi guys been a while! due to numerous requests, we've been working on this since November and have finally managed to get it into production, so thought it would be cool to share the process with you all as we begin to release.  Our take on the Japanese 'Sukajan'/Souvenir Jacket. Hand made in England using only high quality quality fabrics from local suppliers. Each piece is fully embroidered with Koi, Moonlit blossom tree and rising wave. Finished with full satin lining and polished two way silver riri zipper. The Japanese lettering states "Rabo", Japanese for Lab. As a thank you to everyone who has supported on here, enter STREETLIGHTS at checkout for a 15% discount code  RELEASES TOMORROW 8PM GMT TIME WWW.THEHIDDENLAB.COM Hope you like what you see  [Image]

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[HIDDENLAB CREATION] – 2014 Official Discussion Thread

*JUST LAUNCHED* www.thehiddenlab.com shop ready made products or go to the creation page Hi guys we've been making leather sleeved hoods since 2012 now and we've had plenty of custom requests but always stuck to our main product line.  Now that i've finished uni i've decided decided to welcome them. It doesn't have to just be leather sleeves, it can be suede, cotton, perforated, wool etc. Pretty much whatever. you can change the paneling too.  Everything we make is finished by some of the UK's finest tailors. All pieces are made in England using local suppliers.  here is our existing product line www.thehiddenlab.com www.facebook.com/hiddenlab www.instagram.com/hiddenlab 10% off on ALL HB orders. Just pm me blushing [Image]

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HIDDENLAB / X BY X 2014 Official Discussion thread

Hi Guys Thought I'd make a new thread now that the whole site has been revamped with new products In Short, we are two 22 year olds who have set up our own brands, 'HIDDENLAB' and now, most recently, X BY X, since/during finishing university. Hiddenlab has been live since early 2012 (when we first started doing the leather sleeved hoods), X BY X was formed late december 2013.  We have had zero investment from family or anything and have set everything up from scratch.  We are based in Leeds, UK and have all our products manufactured in limited numbers within the UK, supporting local suppliers and tailors.  We use only the highest quality fabrics and ensure all pieces are finished to an immaculate standard.  In the past we have done small projects with Clothsurgeon and House of Billiam to gain some expertise and have since seen our products in mens health, complex, elle, vogue and worn by kendrick lamar.  Our aim is to create wearable every day pieces with a luxury edge.  We're not the cheapest of brands, but making pieces from scratch within the UK in small, limited runs, costs an awful lot and we never sacrifice our quality. For 2014 we have launched a whole new range of pieces based around comfort and the opportunity to match different pieces.  We can also do bespoke work if you require different colourways/materials/fits.  For any HB users, we're happy to provide 10% discount, just message us blushing or email hiddenlab.enquiry@gmail.com.  www.thehiddenlab.com www.x-by-x.com HIDDENLAB COLLECTION: [Image]

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www.thehiddenlab.com www.facebook.com/hiddenlab OUR NEW PASTEL COLOURWAY COLLECTION IS OUT IN APRIL Hi guys  below are some of our own branded pieces from 2012, (as well as accessories from some other brands we now stock)  featured in ELLE and Men's Health magazine's  Each piece is limited to 20 units.  They are crafted by the Clothsurgeon (A$AP ROCKY, Kendrick Lamar, Tinie Tempah, etc) Using the highest quality British fabric and designs inspired by evolving international trends, our clothing has embarked up on bringing back quality, elegance and nonconformity to streetwear. Our Items are all made in Leeds or London to the highest specification View our products on www.thehiddenlab.com For any product, collaboration or PR enquiries, contact: Hiddenlab.enquiry@gmail.com Like our facebook page for updates too! We are currently working on new leather bikers and t shirts! We also have an exclusive black on black hoodie out next week ! http://www.facebook.com/HiddenLab [Image] OUR SITE IS NOW LIVE! CHECK OUT www.thehiddenlab.com

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