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Any HB Homies Hitting SXSW This Year???

Just wondering if any of you will be heading down to Austin Texas for this year's SXSW festival.  I had a chance to be out there last year and it was crazy. Great experience. If you're performing or just going to catch the shows, link up with a G. Might be able to get y'all into something free or whatever. Here's footage of a show I did last year there: [Embed content]

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Noah Caine - ”The Genesis” FULL VIDEO

Here's the full video for the song "The Genesis" What y'all think? [Embed content]

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The Genesis Trailer (Noah Caine)

[Embed content] NEW YORK NIGGA smokeyface

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So Someone Sent Me PM Saying That I Should Post Some Of My Music Before…

Yo what's good HB fam? I know many of you have been rocking with me for a minute. Here's the tape I promised you.... I just dropped a tape presented by Ashley Outrageous & HipHopFiend Co-Signed by [URL]: [Image] Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mrgcaijyq20y32t The Source: http://www.thesource.com/articles/203458/ Steady.

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[Video] WE GOT BARS VOL.3 (Vol… I was asked to participate in a rap cypher)

[Embed content] Yerr, A few weeks ago I got hit up to participate in a rap cypher, which I don't normally do anymore, and it turned out pretty good. Here's the footage, enjoy. Edit: Just to put it out there, my computer doesn't have the terrible AIDS virus that it had before so I'll be throwing some new shit out here and there. Sorry for the last thread.

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Aye hypebeast fam, support your own...

I've been working hard... [URL] Thanks for the continued support.

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Half Amazin' x TiRon - MSTRD.5 [ReMix Tape]

[Image] Via [URL] [I]"Just like Hannibal King did the other day, up start producer [URL="http://halfamazin.bandcamp.com/album/mstrd-5"]Half Amazin

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[URL] Enjoy smokeyface Steady.

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So I Got A PM Saying I Should Post Some Of My Music...

I never seen that account post in the two threads I've started but *Daps*. Anyway... [U]The Hi-Jynx Presents: "Music Monday" Effort.[/U] Steady. [Image] [U]Tracklist:[/U] 1) Intro (Words From) 2) Killin' 3) Stress (Prod. by Half Amazin') 4) Warmin' Up 5) Money's Not Enough 6) Tell Them Hello 7) Doubt smokeyface Victory (Prod. by Jaguar Skills) 9) Tattoo! 10) Maximus 11) Jordans & A Gold Chain (Feat. G.o.D Jewels) 12) Death Told Me 13) Outro (Words From) I got a record on there with Jaguar Skills who produced "We On" for Lupe Fiasco & Gem Stones. Shout out to him for the opportunity. smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface I appreciate everyone who drops a listen and sees what all the fuss is about. [INDENT]Click Here to Download Fam: >> [URL] Enjoy, on some real shit. Thank You.smokeyface Steady. Thank You for taking the time out to listen, if you do... Hopefully my hard work has been making it into your iPods. smokeyface Steady To The Top. smokeyface Thank you if you take the time out to listen. All feedback is welcomed. EDIT: Just decided to put all the music on the first page to make the click through easier.

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DD172 & Ski Beatz Contest: Any Producers On Hypebeast?

[Image] [URL]

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Video: Dame Dash, Ski Beatz (Reasonable Doubt), My Producers, & I @ Dash Gallery...

[URL] " [COLOR="Black"][I]While out in N.Y. for my mans Hi-Jynx

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