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[FS] Nike Roshe Run, Flyknit Lunar One

This page will constantly change, but this is what I'm selling right now. No international shipping. Shipping flat $15 (including delivery confirmation) Payments accepted only through PayPal. Friends/Family option will include no fee. Goods/Services will include 4% on top of the negotiated price. I sold on HB for a little while, always had positive feedback. My eBay username wongm7 if more reference is needed Nike Roshe Run "Blue Hero" Size 10 Never Worn Threw away original box like an idiot $100 OBO [Image]

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A man's memoir to a woman he met at planned parenthood

[URL] [Image]

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[WTB] hundreds "crackberry" MED

either black or white will pay about 25 shipped for it. hit me up with pictures

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[WTB] TH "Hollywood" Denim Sz. 32

topic title says it. it's the denim released in the spring/summer 08 with the red plaid on it. black stitching on the back pockets.

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enjoy the chill sounds from mobius

watch some sonic and smooth the fuck out [URL] "sonic is a nice guy. he doesnt worry about those types of things."

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epic bee fuckery.

[URL] get ya helmets, lil ass bees

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[FS] Supreme/undftd/crooks/10deep goods [M/L]

first things first. don't contact me via visitor message (who the fuck does that). don't contact me via replying to this thread. please contact me over private message for the most efficient communication. [b]serious buyers only please.[/b] UPDATE. PRICE DROPS. POSTING NEWER STUFFS SOON. 02/07/2011 UPDATE. LOTS OF STUFF SOLD. 07/29/2010 UPDATE. SOME STUFF SOLD, PRICE DROPS BEFORE THEY GO ON EBAY 09/15/2009 UPDATE. PRICE DROPS! 05/19/2009 UPDATE. PRICE DROP ON EVERY ITEM! 05/11/2009 UPDATE. ADDED A COUPLE TEE'S. 04/11/2009. UPDATE. RESTOCKED! NEW HEAT. 03/23/2009. UPDATE. NEW PRICES 02/26/2009. UPDATE. CLEANED OUT. RESTOCKED. DON'T SLEEP 11/30/2008. no trades, only $$$ open to negotiations and package deals. i don't ship before payment. all prices include shipping (domestic US). if you're buying internationally, please pm me and we can work something out for the price rape in shipping. add 4% for paypal fee for all listed prices. i can show you more pictures at request. this is my first time selling here, but not selling in general. my ebay account id is "wongm7." i currently have ~99% feedback @ a 184 stars clip. i also have quite a few HB refs if needed. all items that have been washed have actually been dry cleaned and the print has been preserved as seen by the pictures. thanks in advance for looking. [B]Supreme "Cut the Crap" S/S '09 (L) ($35 dropped)[/B] never worn, brand new [Image] ^for more pictures, hit me up on aim (knowskillwong), or pm me.

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[WTB] supreme fuck all y'all tee L

need a replacement for mine black (fight at bar -> spilled drink -> fuckery). willing to pay $40 shipped for a white one.

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[FS] Stussy x Neighborhood Boneyard Messenger Bag

sold lock it up mods

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[WTB] Puma x BDK size 10

[Image] shoot me with offers. willing to spend any amount for these pain in the ass find kix.

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The Official Baseball Thread

i doubt anyone here likes baseball. my team is the seattle mariners. i pick the rays and cubs to make it to the world series. just had to share this ridiculous outfield assist. [Image] from the right field corner to home. ichiro = extraordinary.

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[WTB] Vans W)tap Bones Authentics Sz. 10

hit me up with pictures and prices.

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[WTB] simple vans sz10

if anyone could tell me where i could get these cheapest, holler. otherwise, i'll take them off people 4 cheap in wearable/presentable condition. [B] white on white authentics black leather half-cabs[/B] [Image] something like this

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[WTB] Reebok Omni Lite Pump Bodega size 10

I was supposed to get these a little while ago when they dropped, but the dude who was supposed to pick them up never got at me. [URL] [Image]

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