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Small DENIM Questions Thread

So I'm planning to buy APCs Petit Standards, my question is this: I heard they stretch around two sizes, and I usually wear 33-34, am I good buying 31, or should I stay with the 33? My size really depends on the jeans, how's it gonna look like if I stay TTS?

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HEAT - CLOT Gold Crush, Marc Jacobs, OF, Supreme, Bape, Nbhd, BBC + MORE

I'll take the Bape sweater off your hands, get at me please. Edit: Fuck man, I still can't receive PMs, get at me at lolcrackers1234567890 at gmail.com tho

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How much was your outfit today?

Hundreds hat - $15 Hollister tee - $20 Camo shorts - $30 Chukka Lows - $55 G-Shock - $75 Total = $195 smokeyface

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Aint that Helen Keller?

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