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HB Travel Guide 2016

Pretty much a thread where fellow travelers can share tips and experiences on different places they have been. I'm backpacking through Paris, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, and a few more little spots a long the way. I haven't been to Europe before. Looking to pack super light. Pretty much will be living out of an Osprey Atmos 65 AG. If anyone could recommend two pairs of jawnz and shoes to bring. Also, some cool places to check out. I have been to: Toronto Yosemite San Francisco Baja Cozumel Ocho Rios Cabo San Lucas Cayman Islands Bajamas Maui Playa Del Carmen Cancun Rocky Point Thailand Philippines Guam Papua New Guinea Most of the Southern Asian countries were for mission oriented purposes. The rest were for leisure. If you have any questions about those places I can definitely offers my personal experiences and advice. Will post pictures soon. Where my Euro HBers at?!

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Bitcoin Purchasing

Anyone know a good method to purchase BC anonymously online? Need to cop some shit off dn/dw/bn/bw

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HB Demographics

Does this information exist somewhere?

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Azealia Banks Blasts Kendrick Lamar's Billboard Cover Interview

[URL] Thoughts? Who would you side with? Personally I think Azealia Banks sounds ignorant as fuck. I've never even heard any of her songs.

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Thirst Trap

[Embed content] Thoughts on this thirst trap my HB brethren.

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HB Feature vol. marajuana+whodie

HB WE IN DISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface Skip to 1:40. marajuana are u bi doe? [Embed content]

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Advice for high school kids.

OGs, basically, offer insights to experiences you've had for cats on HB who are younger than you. For people who are still in high school, take that shit a little more seriously. Party in moderation, smoke in moderation. All I did in high school was hangout with friends, party, drink, smoke, and didn't give a shit about my grades/school. I wish I did so I would have better options for college/uni. Do well in your classes. I'm barely turning 23 but education has had a huge impact on my life so far. In a professional setting no one will take you seriously with just a GED or high school diploma. Folding clothes or flipping patties is cool and shit when you're in high school/fresh-soph in college, but you should by involved in some career oriented internships or jobs during your latter years in college. Also, stop worrying about relationships and bitches. It may not seem like it now but you will meet a ton of girls/women when you get to college and mostly throughout your 20s. If you have some social awkwardness take this time to evaluate it otherwise it will carry over into your college years. Appreciate your parents. Pretty much if your parents do everything like pay rent, put food on your table, throw clothes on your back, support your goals and rational needs, appreciate that. Chances are your mom or dad are giving you everything they got. They might seem nosy as fuck and annoying right now but when you get older you will realize what their true intentions were. Surround yourself with goal oriented friends that plan on doing shit with their lives. Pretty much if the people you hang around with aren't doing shit and will probably be in the same town/city doing nothing five years after you bitches graduate high school, drop them. They won't benefit you in anyway on the road to success. Not everyone will have the same opinion as me but this is what I have gathered so far. Some of you might read through this shit and not take it seriously but I'm telling you it's a cold world out here and no one will give a fuck if you can't pay rent or afford your car payments. Young niggas feel free to ask questions.

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I know this might sound like some simp shit. But yall ever cheated on your girl before? I got a few girls, that I'm strictly friends with, that I chill with all the time. They are my friends but they always come around and hang with my girl and I. I've recieved various signals that shit can leave the friend zone real quick. But Idk, just thinking about it already makes me feel guilty because my girl is a bomby that's a ride-or-die and I know how she would feel if she found out. How do I stop feeling this way about my friends?

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Getting Divorced.

My wife and I finally decided to split up. I am free to live any lifestyle I want. Got enough $$$ in the bank to live anywhere I want. A passport, six months worth of leave from work, and mad flight miles from my Southwest Card. What should my next move be?

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Last of 2013

Just fapped for the last time in 2013. No fap 2014.smokeyface

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We in dis.smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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Powerball aka Da Dream

HB We In Dis. We should all chip in $5 then split the pot equal.smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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Relationship advice

Is it wrong of me to tell my girl no about going to lunch with a thristy who's only trying to get at her?

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[WTB] Sup. Camp Caps || Kate Moss T.

Buying: Supreme Camps - Black Safari, Brown/Black/Grey CCC. Kate Moss T sz.M/S - Black/Grey/White

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WTB Busenitz/UNDTFDxAddidas/Jordan 5's/AM 90s

Looking for these models in size 9-10

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