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When you're blazed as fuck, do you become more hypercritical (edit) of TV show acting?

Recently I just started watching Always Sunny while high and noticed I feel like I can just see these dudes reading their lines and moving to their specific spots and shit so unnaturally. Danny Devito and Charlie are like yelling at each other in a way that noone in real life would do it. Kind of ruins the show because I realize how unrealistic it is. Is watching shit like documentaries better for you guys?

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Has anyone played it? Just finished it yesterday and it was very dank. Anyone know any other games like that? I figured that there would be a lot similar to it since it seems like it would be a popular concept but I haven't really found anything else like it. Music was dope too.

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Advice on Crooks Jacket

Seriously thinking about getting it, need some opinions yo [Image]

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