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Street Fighter - Assassin's Fist

I just finish watching all 13 episodes of this and its actually not that bad. I would have thought that this whole series would be corny AF but the whole storyline is pretty legit. Overall the special effects need a little more polish but this is better then any other video game based movie that came out. I was wondering what everyone else here thinks about it? As for me i can't wait for the next season.. IF they will continue it. [Embed content]

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Hulu or Amazon prime?

We all know whoever has Netflix fell off a long time ago and it seems now and days they took out a bunch of movies. Im going to close my account with maybe join Hulu or Amazon prime. Anyone have and recommendation on which one to go with? I do watch allot of movies and also other shows.

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ID the AM1

Anyone know the name of the AM1? [Image]

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[FS] 100% Authentic 2006 Jordan Retro 13 sz: 11 White/Carolina Blue

Bought these in Finishline back in 06' and i need to get rid of these since they are just sitting around on my shoe rack. Asking $120 shipped. Firm [Image]

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How to remove stains on a new cap?

I have a brand new white hat and i notice that on (1) hat it had a red pen mark on it. On the other 4 hats it looked like it had minor dirt stains. I tried using a tide stick on the red ink and it somewhat broke it apart but it was staining. Anyone knows the best way to clean them?

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[FS] Jordan Retro 11 Low size: 8

[Image] Size 8 and i NEED to get rid of this fast! Asking $200 shipped.

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[FS] *2006* Jordan retro 5s sz:8.5 N.I.B.

Yoooooooo! Brand News 2006 Jordan 5s! [Image] $300

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CNCPTS store.. Ayone nerd want to do a pickup il pay!

I need the VANS Syndicate Dill Ave Cheetah print sz:12 ill pay anyone who can get that for me from there. [Image]

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Going to be in Chitown on Saturday.. whats good?

Whats good HB! Im going to be stopping in Chitown this weekend chilling. Where are some good spots to hit up and also what clubs to check out?

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Buying Art?

Just wondering where i can find some nice art to buy for my home. I was looking @ some Kaws pieces but i don't want to pay that much at the moment so any alternatives?

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Dockers Alpha Slim Chino *British Khaki* (36Wx32L)

[Image] Selling my brand new (36Wx32L) Dockers Alpha Slim fit Chinos *British Khaki* color. Just got them in the mail today but i cant fit them. Letting it go for $45 shipped Retail @ $68. IT ME UP i need to get rid of these ASAP!

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id these Vans


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Any specific date on when these dropping?

[Image] ..?

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All tees $15! Diamond, Crooks, Kidrobot and More. XL

ALL Tees $15+ shipping. Paypal me as a gift or add an extra 4% to the final sale price. Lets get it! [Image] For better pictures please check out my flickr. [URL]

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Nike P-Rods Red/Cement sz: 12

Yo! Selling my P-Rods $120 Shipped! Lets get it! [Image]

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