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This forum looks like how my neighborhood got gentrefied...

Minimal, plain and bland. Real talk, Lower East Side is all Helvetica font branded store signs, all white tiled (or brick walls,) and extremely bright with little to no content and with an extra expense tied to it.  Kind of miss the old forum style when it wasn't so bright and plain and somewhat messy. I originally came to the forum because it had the street feel to it, like kind of unorganized but organized at the same time. Yeah, here's another one of my months long pop ins. I try to stay on the forum, but I just am like a lion in the wild, I see something I like, I fuck it, then divert my attention to the next thing and fuck that, too. But I've seen a few old school cats posting up, unfortunately, I hear their bullshit on FB now a lot more lol so it's like how people are with siblings, always hear and see their shit so lost the interest. Being old is wack. Bai. Hoping for grey testicle hairs.

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Hi everyone, who's looks older now?

Who's got pubic hair now? Just curious, I'm making an art collage on long time HB residents who used to wear colorful apparel, but now wear scarves and v-necks.

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"Rules" for not looking like a fool, clothing wise...

Sup all, old school HB head here. I was just curious as to what were "rules" for not looking like a fool. Keep in mind, I'm sure we all like various styles and different pieces of styles, but what exactly is it that makes/breaks a fit? I always had a few things in my mind that fucks mad shit up... Too big a brand logo on something, too much of the same brand, a baseball cap with anything casual, anything casual with anything sporty, arm logos/side logos, matching too much... Especially matching your sneakers to a specific portion which is specifically there solely to match the kicks like a scarf or a cap. What would you all agree on? Let's help make this world a better place for fashion.

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Hey Canada heads, ever heard of LiveStock/DeadStock.ca?

There's some kicks I want to get from the site, but it says they don't have the size which is bullshit because it shows it's available in the store in 2 sizes. Is the store still open? I called 3 times but they don't answer... Let me know.

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Who posted the story about a girl breaking up in a cafe on a rainy day?

I remember someone posted up a story of a girl breaking up with a guy at a cafe, and she ran out in the rain, and another dude stood with her under it, but they never saw each other again? Can anyone post it?

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Can anyone identify these Nike sneakers, please?

I saw these in a flea market. I'd have them if they were my size, but I couldn't find any information. They were selling for quite a lot for some odd reason (was a person selling vintage sneakers.) [Image]

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Intel Visual Life - The Sartorialist (Short Documentary.)

Just thought I'd share this. I searched for Documentary on google videos and this was the first link. [URL]

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Sup, how's everyone been?

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Arcade: The Last Night at Chinatown Fair, a Documentary.

[center][right][center] [Image] [/center][/right][/center]

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Sup yo, I'm sure some heads are from Fukuoka up in here, there's a shit load of bases there and Americans and a lot of chill places. I'm moving around the Hakata station line in a few months, will be there for a few years. Hit me up if you will be around there, peace.

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Wow, been a while. Life updates.

What's up all. How's everything? Seems like things ain't change around here. Could be for the good or for the bad, but that's fine. Just seeing what's everybody been up to. I been just doing my daddy thing with the family and all that. I miss coming around sometimes and bullshitting here. What's up with everyone? Is it too much to ask what's been going on with everyone? How about just posting up real shit like what you been doing with yourself these days? Lately, I just been working and hanging with my wife and son, doing art projects with my wife, still boozing it up, and living life as (I suppose) it should be. I am working on a photo book and just trying to take care of my family on the daily grind and all that.

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I will have to face the facts.


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For those that care, I will start a new forum.

just kidding. delete please, sorry.

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Ayo HB, peace. The legend dies (on this forum.)

So apparently as you see, I am demodded due to the fact that "FuneralFab" mentioned, it would be better for you to be a regular member as I am a pretty opinionated person. Although, it started because Funeral (you are probabnly wondering who he is, right? He is a completely new person LOL, and he pulls more strings than me,) decided that my previous post about how other countries hates the USA was a little harsh, literally demanding me to not post opposing his thoughts. I replied sarcastically, but not rude, and boom. Black name; without word. Couldn't even give me a blog here even though I have quite an atmosphere for one. I know it might not seem too serious, but simply being a mod here has boosted whatever incorporation to sites, jobs ETC because I want to work with fashion or with a shop/boutique ETC, and I actually found a job because of a few times. I tried to get a real job here on HB, but since the "top" is too busy, he cannot help [I]me[/I] out, but can get some new croney to demod me since I am too opinionated, and the dude doesn't have the balls to even reply to me like a man and assumingly "taddle tells", trying to keep a man with a wife and child down who is trying to do something in his life with what little connections he has. I am mostly pissed about how sudden it was, just a few days ago Kevin was saying he wants to do things with me since I am living in Japan and how we might makes moves, then all of a sudden, I am just turned to shit with no say and cowardly at that through a middle man; new man. The least you guys can do is leave this post, unless you don't want anyone to know how spineless you might be. Yeah, as of today, I am just going to bounce from the site. I actually do not want to mod anymore, I just wanted to work for HB for real, not just the forum... I guess busting my ass since 2008 trying to clean the forum up, giving insight and helpful information, trying to keep things cool quite often at all times of the day doesn't account for anything right? They don't care if a dude has a mouth to feed and trying to contribute here FOR FREE even though he is busy with his own life and has other shit to do. Good job, guys! Any way, I am out yo, I am having all my threads deleted and stuff like that, because I want no more affiliation with the site, but I might come back here and there to say what's up, but I do not want my time (threads and posts) put into this place to be used if I do not consent to it, which I do not. A yo, peace my nigas. It won't be hard to find me online if you need help with your computer, iphone, women ETC. You can also ask [URL] [I](This dude already abused his power by fully deleting my reply which said "and you were trying to tell me how to post properly with you here trying to mack girls as a moderator?")[/I] See ya on the flip side. [B]Don't delete this unless you have some respect for a man who has contributed years of time here.[/B] I want to add that out of all the years I have contributed and have tried to improve and give input: though sometimes harsh, but still with meaning, I never got anything in return except a boot in the ass with no possibility of advancing, even while directly speaking to kevin through email and asking for a job, and trying to put in more forum work.

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Going To Japan On The 27th... Anyone Want To Chill?

I'll be in Nagano for a week and a half, then in Tokyo for a week and a half. I'm a gamer too, so if you are, that's dope.

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