Hey,  Thinking of ordering these online and the seller hasn't answered.... I just wanted to know if anyone who owned these can give me advice on how these fit?  Usually I wear a 9.5 in regular chucks... but am a 10.5 in most nikes..  My problem is figuring out if I should size down to my converse size? or stay with my usual size?  Help would be appreciated!  [Image]

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Full screen split-screen gaming NOW?

A tad bit ghetto but just out of curiosity has anyone known about/tried this? blinkyeyes I saw the "PS 3D-TV" take on this but am wondering if it's the same thing? [URL]

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USA Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

YES!!!... That is all. [Image] [QUOTE]Yes, TvC is coming to the USA on Dec 11th 2009. Yes, you can play it online. Reports are coming in stating that this isnt the only change we can expect in the localized release. One of the characters from the Japanese release is being removed, but FIVE new characters are being added in his or her place. More mini games and an enhanced story mode, both of which no one will ever use after unlocking the characters that are needlessly shackled away from use, will also make exciting additions to this

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Can someone please translate?


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Feedback: attila.

Just bought some kicks off this guy through local meet-up. A Legit man. smokeyface

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Kazim Doku X Audi Future Shark Concept.

[Image] [URL] fuck rims! jk. blushing

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Games that just sucked thread (seriously)

Just for laughs. lol feel free to add any you come across! [URL]

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Bioshock: The Movie

I really didn't see this coming but what a surprise! Honestly it was hard for me to put up with the game.. just wasn't my cup of tea...with that being said though, I did find the storyline interesting. Rumors are it comes out 2010. Real trailer or fake? Any thoughts? TRAILER: [URL]

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50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Why didn't Bush think of sending 50 Cent in Iraq, then the war would be over. lulz..... gonna flop but meh don't know if it's been posted already. [URL]

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Street Fighter (Online Flash)

Anyone used it, gonna try it out now. Kinda cheesy but hey, It's Street Fighter. tongueface Link: [URL]

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The new chocolate rain

I know theres a video thread but this its too funny... LMAO! THIS IS MADNESS! [URL] lulz.

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DS Refresh Rumor

This may be some old news .. I've already heard of the DSi, But are they really gonna release this before hand. I know it's just a rumor but i kinda prefer this sketched look rather than that of the DSi. Not 100% sure on the relevance but yeah tongueface could be good or bad. The fact that both screens have the "touch" feature is actually pretty intriguing. Pics: [Image] More Info: [URL]

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F*cked up,

This is some wack shit. (Worth the read.) "Keith Slater, 22, bought a pair of shoes from Journeys, but later returned them after finding a cheaper pair at another store. Slater received more than a refund, though." [Image] MORE INFO HERE: [URL]

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Official Milf Thread

why not? LMAO! [Image]

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Max Payne


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