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a petition for the old HB format...

you know damn well the previous HB format was alot better than this complete garbage....you freakin got people talkin to themselves in the shoutbox, color scheme is horrible,,,you know the deall.. let em know,,,, tell em why you mad ...

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okay camera experts, how is this for a deal? good?

hey, i figure this is a small forum so i'd just post..and see what your thoughts are.. so bein a novice i was goin to get the 40d or 40dx anyways but came across a deal from someone,, heres what they are offering for around [B]$750[/B]....honestly lemme know if it seems good. ive researched some, it seems decent, but maybe i should just get a brand new model. for $750 i get.. Nikon 40D 55-200 lens 18-55 lens carryin case tripod 2 gig card extra batt. 2 umbrella 1000watt lights.

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To the People who have the Nikon 40D....

so ive searched the forums and see that a fair amount of yall own the Nikon 40D..which is a good coincidence... so wasup, to the people in here owns or know bout the NIKON 40d,.....its decent? does what i need to for a nice photoshoot or wedding pictures.? with a professional look? ..... i ask cuz..... a schoolmate of mine is tryin to sell me his Nikon 40D, with a extra lense, bag, etc etc.... but dude wants like 600 for everything.....

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which one of these streetwear websites have the best layout or design??

or does it matter? do you like that fun loud type website or the simple clean websites. like honeyee or does the design of the website even matter to you .

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Anybody see the new teddy bear hoodie from the new Soulful collection,literallya bear

check it here [URL] is that shit actually gona sell, i mean the other joints are alright, the carigan and stripe hoodie,,,what the hell? a fuckin bear? that kid thats modeling in it look like a fuckin fag. i think i seen this awhile ago when they had their whole crew rockin it,

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Do yall have a internet sites regiment or list of daily checkups on sites?

im pretty sure alot of people do, i just wanna know if yall got some sites that i dont know about to check out. that might be of interest..cuz i spend half the day on the computer anyways...as of lately, the list is as follows...in list of order of checking out... 1) hypbeast.com - for the latest in streetwear news and the forum 2) the hundreds - for a good read, the zine 3) my myspace - for obvious reasons 4) imdb.com - movie buff 5) highsnobiety or slamxhype - other random news 6) and then its pretty much useless porn

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What is the medical term for sleepin disorder,"bein awake but cant wake up"....

ya know what i mean?? i dunno if anyone else has experience it,,but your struggling to wake up, are aware of everything around you,,,but cannot move or wakeup until later on...what is the correct medical term for that, i wanna search or wikipedia that shit,,cuz that shits crazy,,,some says its medical some says its spiritual,,what do yall say? if anyone else experience it.

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Isn't this New Era one of the best new eras that came out recently? i think so....

i know yall were thinkin this too, this new Maiden Noir new era featured on the frontpage has got to the one of the nicest and better new eras out there..its sooo clean and simple yet nicely detailed,,,great color that goes with everything,,just overall real nice,,ya dig? [Image]

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wat shirt is this!!! on thehundreds.com, i know you know what im talkin bout...

its on their recent post on the website,..anyone have any info on who makes the t shirt? ive used my photoshop skill to show it to you more detailedly.. it looks like a very detailed design pic of a hot chick. looks cool [Image]

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When a brand previews a collection/products,,wats the reason for release date??

well honestly i was hoping someone who deals with buying and such could help, especially steppingrazor....when a brand previews not a specific collection labeled "winter 07" obviously thats gonna be until winter 07,but just general previews, is the product they show just a sample from the factory? or do they need to get alot of hype for it to know how much to produce? and if its just t shirts, how come sometimes you wont see it til a while later, or are people in the inner circle rockin it already and the public gets it late....like i.e.,, anyone ever see that preview of "us verus them" line from a while back on slamxhype? with the shirt of the cemetary and such some of that was cool but....how come no release yet?

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How many or anyone try to configure profits and money that a small brand brings in?

does anybody else start to contimplate and add numbers together with the rises of new brands and try to configure their profits and expense?? i think everybody has,... this is my very rough and vague hypothesis and not for a real good brand either, just a brand that manages to sell decent. lets say your a relavitvely new brand, so just an up coming t shirt brand.. only producing 2 seasons, S/S and F/W ,, and only doing 6 designs each and only printing about 1000 pieces per design so thats 6000 pieces a season, split amongst your small list of retailers, and not even including online sales,,so your probably only making 10 bucks a shirt, but times that by 6000 is 60,000 and two seasons so thats 120,000 dollars...split only amongst 2 or 3 people thats an alright year,, is that really how it goes ,,,or is my imagination that extremely exagerrated?? no doubt thats why some people try to get into the game. it definitely beats an average office job....sorry if this was suppose to be in another topic thread, thought i would post it here cuz this is the section i check the most.

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