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[FS] RRL Slim Fit Denim


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Alternative to Desert Boot

fall/winter is comin up and i love my desert boots, but im lookin for an alternative. i have sperry topsider boots too. but anyone got any other good ideas? im from cali, so i dont need any hurricane-proof boots. something casual. leather/suede/etc.

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[FS] Supreme & HUF snapback and beanie

dont wear these anymore so im getting rid of em. [Image] Supreme snap back: 35 shipped SOLD Huf snap back: 20 shipped Supreme beanie: SOLD Paypal only (as gift or +4%) Shipping withing cont US only, sorry. I will not ship first.

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What to do with excess denim...any ideas?

xpost from Small Denim Questions... [Quote] feel free to delete it from that thread.

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whats up HB. im sellin my BAPE tee, size XL. worn once by me. bought from Hunter a while back. no stains, no rips, no smells/fading/etc. ive dealt with a few people on here. and im always in the SB so im not hard to find. [COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR] Paypal only...add 4% or send as gift. only selling cuz i dont wear it and i could use the cash. [Image]

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Who Do You Wish Wouldve Made Another Album?

Personally... The Firm Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was a classic.

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London Goes Hard and says Fuck Juelz Santana

[URL] i kinda lold though. cuz that accents still kinda funny to me.

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[WTB] Canon 430 EX/ II

im lookin for a good condtion Canon 430 EX or EX II. pm me!

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Taking good Outdoor/Landscape Shots

so i mainly enjoy taking portrait type photos with a single focal point. the other day i was walkin around my campus. i was tryin to take pictures but i realized they werent really comin out very well. what do you guys suggest? any specific settings? high aperture? low aperture? low iso/ high? slow shutter? fast? maybe a certain lens? i got a rebel xti with the kit lens btw. thanks in advance

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[FS] UNDFTD/Play Cloths/G-Shock (XL)

Both Shirts stayed in closet for months, never worn. White/Red UDFTD logo t shirt. XL Never worn out, jus tried on. $20 [Image] offer up! trades welcome as well. i accept paypal + 4%

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New Era Snap Backs

so i bought a New Era snap back like...last year. i havent been able to find any other styles, i check the new era website and couldnt find any, maybe i wasnt lookin in the right spot. the store i bought it from said they were jus comin out with em. anyone know where i can get some online? not starter caps...but New Era... heres what i got... [Image]

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Girl Scout Cookies

anyone else in love with these things? im a Samoa man. [Image]

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