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What kind of phone do you have?

Blackberry Sonnnnnnnnnn

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So Katy Perry

zoey deschanel lookalike

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Bare minimum wardrobe

3 Pairs Denim 1 Pair Khaki slacks 4 pairs shoes 3 white tees 3 black tees 3 ash tees peacoat hoody sweater 1 leather as minimal as i could go, not including accessories

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[L-R-G] - 2009 Discussion Thread

Kardinal Tee was limited release just to kardinal and his crew. Just blaze tee was a japan release but still a limited promo release even in japan. And those oakley jumpoffs will be on the lrg ecom site soon

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Post a picture of the hottest girl at your school

This thread fucken blows

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G-SHOCKS TILL I DIE SON! or get rich

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Twelve Bar Denim

They sell this brand next to my pad, Pretty dope shit. Good quality

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Messenger Bags and other dope shit to buy

how is a scarf a joke? for a bunch of mother fuckers that claim to be into fashion you guys hate on just about everything. Messenger bags? whats to hate on? they work... im not riding around on my fixed gear with it with my ass tight apc's. I actually have a job where i need to carry a laptop and some other paperwork.

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Messenger Bags and other dope shit to buy

Going to be in LA all day tommorow and my main focus is to find a dope messenger bag. Hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good store to checkout. Also, Im just gunna be doing some general shopping. So whats dope right now that i could pickup while im up there? Imma check out the CDG popup shop and try and cop a scarf but other than that iono. Gimme some ideas fuckers

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The official what did you get for Christmas Thread

[Quote] haha trueee truee. I thought that was funny to that he thought DC was where the rich stay.

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How does one actaully lose weight??

Burn more calories than you consume in a day, simple as that. 1. Dont Drink Alchohol 2. Dont eat processed Food 3. Dont Drink Soda 4. No Fast Food 5. Only things prepared Fresh and about the 6 times a day that if it is in small portions to speed up your metabolism. its tuff to get in that habit though without over consuming. ooooo yah almost forgot. WORKOUT YOU LAZY ASS

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Celebs Rockin Heat! / What are they wearing?

[Quote] Hold the fuck up.. is that a custom louis vuitton backpack. Same style as the purse rihanna is holding? i thought yeezy was the only 1 swingen the custom lv

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What will you wear when you're 40?

classy shit yo.

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Favorite underground/hip-hop artist. (none of that fake hip-hop)

The Nonce... ooooOoooOoo so hip hop dooodz

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Buying Backpacks

good looks, prolly end up grabben a supreme

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