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Starting a website?

I'm thinking about starting a website. Like a blog type thing but not blogspot. I want a (dot) com website. any info? on web site host, and design? Thanks... Edit- If i do a blogspot thing can I still advertise on my website?

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Sag or No Sag?

closed why?

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[FS] Nike CourtForce Realmad Hectic QckStrk Ed. 8


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[WTB] used Jordans size 8-8.5

I am looking for jordans size 8-8.5 mens. Used I don't care. I dont care if the are creased a bit as long as they dont look like they got hit by a train. I dont want to spend more than 100 shipped. on each shoe. I need 3 pair. Pix dont have to be special. No fakes PLEASE!

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Times are hard bush is in office. What did you get a good deal on?

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Coldest Winter what to wear 2008?

You know how chicago gets. What the hell is in style for winter? Pictures please!!!blushing [URL]

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