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fuck u d-link.

Alright so I've got this D-Link WBR-1310 wireless router and it was working fine up until today when my dad decided it would be a good idea to disconnect the piece of shit (which was hard as fuck to set up in the first place) and fuck up our innanets. Right now I believe I am either borrowing someone elses internets or a ghost is providing me with a wireless connection. When i go into the wireless network control panel, the router (which appears as "dlink") has a practically full connection bar. however when i connect to it, the internet doesn't work, msn doesn't work, etc. same goes for my wii, it can't connect to the router. anyone got any ideas or can you redirect me somewhar?

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What do you guys think or know about Moosejaw?

Ask me any questions about Moosejaw, Alberta. A lot of you Yanks seem to have silly ideas about us. Shoot away.

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make-an-album ofghe

there was a thread about this but i forgeut wut its kawled. The Rules: 1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit

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graffiti playdo

we gots a room popping right now, "hypebeast" keep it poppin all night long

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isketch anyone

anyone up for some isketch. i'm bored out of my fucking mind.

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tigerstripe bdu shorts - rothco?

i kind of want to get some tigerstripes for summer. has anyone bought rothco? how do they fit? i'd get proppers but i can't find any tiger stripe propper shorts that aren't sold by stores that are shady as hell.

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Warlocks are an Enemy of the People.

And Jesus.

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Guise ):

One night in my bedroom I encountered a fairly large spider resting on the wall. I wasn't spooked by it because it did not look harmful or menacing. In fact, I named it Clive and conversed with it whenever I saw it again. A few minutes ago I encountered another spider. The main difference between this one and Clive was that this new spider was black and Clive was yellowish. Upon seeing the big, black, nasty spider I got spooked and killed it with fire. I'm starting to think that maybe this new spider I killed was actually Clive. His yellowish color may have been due to it not yet being fully grown. If that is the case, or even if it's not, I killed a spider based on color without giving any thought to character. I don't know many black people or I'd ask their opinion although I think Obama is quite a nice chap, does this save me from being racist?

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K so

this one time, like two or three years ago when i was in the carpathians, we was in this mountain resort town and shit and as we were walking along we saw a man with a box and we looked int he box and there was like 5 little puppy st. bernards. o my gawd they were so cute. i pet one. i wanted to take it home but it would probably expand exponentially by the time we got on the plane back. so i just pet him. i hope they have a nice little home. and now i like to think im more mature,well sometimes lol.

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Which Pokemon Would Taste The Best?

In light of a recent shoutbox discussion, in which a topic was struck up by DG111, we have decided to make a thread about what would be the best tasting pokemon. Your input is appreciated. [Image]

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Official I Am Going To Fart Thread

I'm gonna fart!!

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lol amurrikuh

[URL] This Igor Panarin fellow is an idiot but I love shit like this.

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