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[Supreme] 2014 Discussion thread - TROLLING/FLAMING/SELLING=BAN

What is a supreme

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Pinoy Fires shots at Wehatelondon Vol.Dead?

Cute bunk bed.

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Suggest Things To Watch/Listen/Do To while high

[Quote]This..and when you all relaxed sitting in your own jizz n shit throw on some Planet Earth.

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I want to start drinking

Go ham nigga nothing bad has ever happened from drinking/smoking. Unless being cool is considered a bad thing.

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Anyone have a cat? VOL weird noises

Your cat is sorta wack get a dog

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First Job Experiences

You are prob holding yourself to too high a standard. Just figure out what the bare min of work you gots to do to stay employed, then loaft nigga Also bitches love baristas so you got that going for ya. The green apron is like a pussy magnet

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Boner stories

[Quote]What does she look like

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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories 5.21.13

Shit it mad pervy.

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miguel straight kick to the face

Is he gay? He seems gay to me.

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"Superior" sneakers?


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Suits... Get Your Grown Man On [CMFHomme 2008]

[Quote] Fuck you homie buy it in person like a man.

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Help me find some cheap raw denim

Cheap Monday. Skinny, but they stretch.

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If you like it, wear it. I don't see what the issue is.

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Suits... Get Your Grown Man On [CMFHomme 2008]

@Subculture I don't know if ever buying a suit online would be a good idea. You have to try these things on. Also, a tailor can only do so much. For instance, if it doesn't fit in the shoulders before you take it in or what not, it never will. If you try, it's never going to fit like it should, the padding will start to deteriorate, etc. Buy a suit how its meant to be done, go in and try it on.

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Suits... Get Your Grown Man On [CMFHomme 2008]

Yeah, you can easily find and wear a suit under 1000 dollars and look great. You can't buy style. If you are wanting to go for the 3 piece look, I personally would suggest looking for a jacket that has somewhat longer labels. Then you can loose the vest if it gets hot outside and not look awkward. It's a little more versatile I think. And that way, you can get 10 months wear out of the suit as apposed to 6-7. Apart from that, read/watch the GQ style points on how and what to look for when buying a suit. They preach the truth.

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